“You don’t need to run it out the back door or be clandestine, all you need to do is sell it to a retailer for half the price of black market price and then somebody can run around the state picking up ounces for $40,” Moberg said.

I doubt very much that this is happening, or will happen, at any large scale. First of all, it is legal in Oregon and California, so there goes much of your market. I could see someone driving from Idaho to pick up an ounce or two, but not a pound. Once you start getting into pounds, it is cheaper to buy in the black market. Someone who grows in say, Boise, would be happy to sell their weed for 500 bucks a pound, especially if they can sell several pounds at once. A buyer would be happier to go that route as well. Either way you are talking about a felony, but transporting large quantities across state lines gets the interest of the feds. More than anything, it is just a bigger hassle. We are talking outdoor pot -- where growers produce large quantities, and want to sell large quantities (and even 40 bucks an ounce would be plenty). For a lot of dealers, it is much easier to buy small amounts of indoor pot at a steady pace (say an ounce a week) rather than buying pounds from Washington, and then driving it back.

It is likely that there is some backdoor dealing going on, but again, that seems like small potatoes. There are people who sell liquor illegally too, but we're not too worried about it.

There are definitely people from other states who drive here, pick up an ounce or two, then drive it back. But those are more "why not, I'm in town" type buyers, similar to folks who buy booze in Oregon because it is cheaper. If Idaho was really worried about, it could put up border checks, similar to how California checks for produce. It would be easy to sneak in small amounts, but large amounts (pounds) would be tougher.

I just think we'll have a huge, underground pipeline of weed going to other states. Most illegal pot is still grown illegally (in states were it has always been illegal).
There's worse problems to have....
Simple, just do what the federal government does with food, stockpile the extra weed from large harvests and release it back into the market when there's more demand than supply.

Should stabilize prices and reduce volatility in the supply chain as well. Fortunately we have lots of experience with solving supply and demand problems, this one's a lot like the others.
I would like to suggest that the state of Washington use its weed tax extravaganza to fund public schools. Instead of raping what is left of our forests to fund schools, which is how it currently works, stop cutting the damn trees down and use the weed money. There is way more weed money than timber money.
I wonder if our government does anything like this to prevent pharmaceutical corporations from producing too many painkillers, or gun manufacturers from producing too many guns, etc. As much as I hate the LCB, context is important.

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