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Taste-testing chocolates sold in Seattle pot stores.

Seagoat Cannabis Company’s dark chocolates. seagoat cannabis company


Brittney, I'm sorry you didn't like our matcha chocolates. We have a wide variety of super tasty treats. If you don't like white chocolate you should try our Nib Slips which are made from dark Belgian chocolate, puffed quinoa, cocoa nibs and sea salt. Tell Lester to treat you right! Or any of other clean label edibles. Real fruit - fruit chews,(try strawberry rhubarb!) creamy soft caramels, or how about some spicy cheddar crackers with instant tomato soup? Our products contain no artificial flavors, colors or corn syrup. As for the weed taste, the matcha does tend to increase that vegetal flavor, because its real green tea powder. We cant make it more green tea-y without adversely affecting the texture. Ah packaging, did you know stores charge three to four times our wholesale price? We think you'd rather get the value in what is inside than the packaging. We used to have packaging that cost us over a dollar for each piece. Super beautiful, but the market doesn't bear that kind of price. We really focus on whats inside, and how our products taste, I hope you will try something else we make. I'd also suggest not overlapping brands. See how you feel after two fruit chews. Pretty damn good I will guess. Happy Valentines - xoxo your pals at American Baked co
When perusing smokables (flowers), there's all this, "Indica's gonna do this to your head (or is it body?), sativa that, and hybrids sorta combine some of this with some of that." Or whatever.

But when it comes to edibles, all that seems to go out the window. I'm not too concerned with how good edibles taste. (I've had Lemon Bars that made me want to finish the pan. NEVER a Good Idea) The high from edibles is longer lasting, less intense and more enjoyable (also vastly less 'illegal' than smoking in public) to me -- depending on the main Ingredient.
Or, am I mistaken -- do chefs concern themselves with indicas vs sativas?

And (remembering Maureen Dowd's 'overdose' in Colorado, well-chronicled in the NYT), how easy is it to go from gourmet to glutton, when it comes to pot-infused meals? Or is that stuff all factored in? (Does one need to get on the scale to determine proper dosage?)

Just asking, for a friend.
I sure consider indicas vs sativas when I'm making Kevin's Nasty Chocolates for my own use. I don't honestly have any experience with a bona fide indica edible, but a cross that has that quality to a significant degree, makes for an unpleasant edible for me. The character comes through much more vividly, in an edible, so some selectivity is really worthwhile. But it's hard to really nail it down unless you're making your own - unstable genetics, growing & harvest/storage conditions make for noticeable differences from the same strain name, from different sources.

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