Weed Feb 14, 2018 at 4:00 am

Why does it get such a bad rap in Seattle's pot shops?

Why does outdoor-grown weed get such a bad rap? GettyImages/Uros Poteko


Outdoor weed sucks sometimes because unless it's the right season, what you're smoking isn't "outdoor" weed - it's OLD weed.
Top shelf outdoor weed is going for $140/oz? Are you sure that's right? $50 for 10 grams of X, or $11/gram for Y, those are different ballparks for what are apparently comparable quality herbs?
@1, don't home growers who are trying for premium quality, put their weed up to "cure" for a few months, anyway? I'm not saying it's stable, just that it isn't clear exactly when it's at its ideal state.

@2, not clear to me where you're going. Price isn't a reliable index of quality, is it?

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