Weed Apr 25, 2018 at 4:00 am

Caffeine and THC are two great drugs that taste great together.

Spencer Afonso


THE SEATTLE SPEEDBALL = bong hit + coffee.
Yes, you are witnessing the Gentrification of your drug abuses.
Well, back in the 70's weed wasn't anywhere near as strong as it is today and god knows coffee wasn't anywhere near as complicated, so those factors might have affected your experience a bit.

Kind of surprised that the ten mg infused coffee didn't hit you a bit harder though, I thought that THC that's eaten is metabolized by the liver, turning it into pure THCA and making it 5 times stronger than if it were smoked. Maybe the caffeine offset the high a bit? No doubt someone will do an extensive study one day and clear this mystery up once and for all. And I bet there'd be no shortage of volunteers.
1. Don't be a "pod" person. Coffee doesn't age well on the shelf at all, but especially after having been ground.
2. There's no reason at all to deliver these two drugs together. Their timing is different, their purpose is different (including the taste - I assume most people expect coffee to taste good, no one expects cannabis to taste good.)
3. 10mg would be more than enough for many people. That's the best reason for separate delivery: you decide how much caffeine, you decide how much THC.
4. After 4 years of above ground legal use, ... this?

these have been around for over two years - way to have you finger on the pulse

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