Weed Apr 26, 2018 at 10:43 am

A syndrome called CHS is making some users not feel well.



I guess not. As a matter of fact Marijuana has a lot of Medical benefits. How come it can make you sick?

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@1 some light drinking can be part of a healthy lifestyle and studies range from saying there's no discernible health effects to saying there's a slight positive effect, but being an alcoholic is not good for one's health. I suspect that when it comes to pot, as for alcohol, and for many things, the key is moderation.

This happened to me just in the last year (here in Seattle) after I began smoking weed (only - never edibles or any other way) regularly and at a much higher dose daily than ever before. After about 5 months, I completely lost my appetite, lost 25 pounds, was nauseated the second I woke up, and running for the bathroom (sometimes throwing up, sometimes not). I finally went to a gastroenterologist and had, at that point, just done some research on CHS. She began asking questions that I recognized as those related to CHS symptoms. I said I had thought it might be that. She recommended I stop smoking weed, and I went cold turkey that day. Within one week, the practically every-morning-nausea reduced from 6 out 7 mornings to 2. I wish it wasn't so. Glad to see that they're making progress on symptom reducers!

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