Talking Weed Laws with Crispin Blunt

The British want to know how it's done here.



Is that an aptonym, or what?


Yeah, but it's stupid here (WA). You cannot grow your own weed without a 'prescription.' Why? You can brew your own (possibly incredible) beer here.

One intoxicant shouldn't be favored over another. Specially when the favored one is vastly more dangerous.

We have come a long ways, but weed should NEVER have been illegal in the first place. A master stroke at getting the hippies and anti-war protesters off the streets (and into jail), but what an incredibly ignorant waste of too many good People.

Fuck you, dick Nixon.
Reparations, please.


" he ate 10 milligrams of THC pills and walked through San Francisco's Asian Art Museum with his partner. He didn't enjoy it.

"I didn't like it very much because everything slowed down. For a politician to feel a loss of control is rather alarming," Blunt said. "So I don't quite get what all the fuss is about."

That's like splashing some rubbing alcohol in your face and declaring "Now, I know all about booze!"