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Don't be intimidated: Buying pot in Seattle is safe, easy, and totally legal

Herban Legends in Belltown Courtesy of Herban Legends


Waiting "a full hour" for edibles simply isn't enough, especially for someone who's completely new to smoking / eating / ingesting cannabis in any way. I know many people (including myself) who don't start feeling anything notable from edibles until 90-120 minutes into it.

Waiting just an hour can also be misleading, since sometimes you might feel a couple of "kicks" along the way to it fully taking effect. You might start feeling a little weird after 60 minutes, and then 30-60 minutes after that it really kicks in much stronger than it originally felt at 60 minutes.

For someone brand new to this, they might think that the initial weirdness at 60 minutes is the full effect, and then they'll take even more, probably resulting in an over-stimulated and potentially bad experience.
+1 to to @1. Also depends what you've eaten. Would recommend a first-time edibles user just plan not to redose, and have evening plans that are compatible with being only mildly stoned. Try a higher dose next time. No rush.

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