Can Cannabis Be Used to Treat Depression?

There are a lot of variables, but here’s what we know.



Chain of events: read article below (The Asylum Seeker) about the criminalization of queerness in Russia, think about how that's beginning to happen here, get massively depressed, read this article, smoke weed.


Hey, wouldn't it be great to have detailed, controlled scientific studies on how various terpenes affect the human body? Yeah, it would.


Given that cannabis is known to cause delusions of paranoia in more that just a few people it may not be the best thing to use in the treatment of depression. At least not without a lot more psychiatric study.


Everything I've known about weed tells me its a major depressant. It may "treat depression" in that it helps people mice on from other substances that are far more dangerous to the body (eg, Katie Herzog said she used marijuana to quit drinking, which is an upgrade, but kind of a impeach Trump install Pence kind of way)


Sportlandia, you should update your knowledge of weed; I'm guessing you are still operating on unsupported claims meant to scare kids that you learned in health class. First, you are mistaken about what a "depressant" is. A depressant is not a drug that makes you depressed - why on earth would it be so popular if that was the case? A depressant is a drug that "depresses" the level of stimulation in your nervous system. It is a vague categorization for drugs, and is not particularly useful. Cannabis does not really even fit into that description, anyway, since it has such a broad variety of effects, many doing the exact opposite of being a CNS depressant.


@2, won't deny more/better science is called for, but you know, limonene for example is present in abundance in orange peels.

But there's some question in my mind as to whether it's so reliably present in "sativa" strains. There are publicly available test results - for example, has an archive with plenty of test results. I encourage you to look through them and see if these ideas about terpene profiles match their test results. Look at different Durban Poison tests for example. It looks to me, just from a half dozen or so, that the majority had more caryophyllene than limonene - the opposite of this article states. Weak testing technique? Could be, but I defy you to find anyone's test results showing any clear pattern in named strains. And that's all we have, since the terpene tests don't go on the package. If that's how it is, then the research is going to be kind of beside the point.