Unfortunately the study doesn't list the products or manufacturers. It would be nice to expose which brands were the biggest problems.


@1 agreed. I don’t buy snake oil myself but have a few friends who do. A list like that would have been a helpful companion to the article.


Here are a few tips for weeding out (no pun intended) the bad from the good:
don't buy from MLM companies like HempWorx, Level8, CFTO, etc., or have contradictory claims like full spectrum and no THC.
DO buy from companies that list their hemp flower orgin state/country, that do have lab reports to show potency, terpenes, etc.,

hempheals #zenwithzion


Actually--- a lot of what is available in the "pot shops" is crappy CBD too (at least what I saw in LA and Vegas was shit). Look for a CBD product that has independent lab testing ON EVERY BATCH, be sure that the MG of CBD on the front of the bottle match the MG of CBD on the back label, check for additives, ask about extraction method (you want CO2), ask where the plants were grown-- are there herbicides, pesticides, etc? Want more info? Search for 'The Hemp School' on FB :)


CBD = Chocolate Bar Dope.


The advice about sticking to dispensaries is not all good - even the products you find there can be shady at best. What you need to be looking for are companies that provide full info about their hemp sourcing, extracting, and lab tests for their products. This site has been super helpful for finding just that. There is a database of brands here with transparency ratings which measure how much of the above info I just outlined is provided by each brand on the market. Take a look before you shop online or check products you've bought locally:

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