So they're building a wall across our northern border, too, huh.


"But I need to remember that even though cannabis is legal in the four West Coast states beneath your border as well as your entire beautiful country to the north... "

Which four West Coast states beneath Oh!C's border might that be? Cali? check. Orygone? Yep. Warshington? Bingo. Mexico? Hmmm. Unless you meant Colorado. Not alotta coastline over there. Yet.


Immigration rules are immigration rules on both sides.

I'm currently working on the paperwork to bring my partner across into Canada with me. A single DUI infraction in 2011 (wet reckless in California) is a major, though not insurmountable, hurdle.

The process for applying for a rehabilitation or a Temporary Residence Permit can be cumbersome and costly, however. The application requires a lot of paperwork [e.g. police clearances from the FBI and every state he's lived in, documentation of employment going back to age 18 with explanations of every gap, a timeline of every address he's lived at since 18, etc., etc.] and can take up to a year to process. It also costs CAN$200.

There are major differences between the US and Canada on immigration. Those mostly revolve around enforcement (Canada, to my knowledge, does not separate children from parents, although if my partner is denied entry into Canada, they will separate our family) and marketing.

For those Americans who actually choose to follow through on their threats to move to Canada following whatever political offense has recently occurred, many will find it more difficult than they imagine.



Jeebuz, I've live in a lot of places and held quite a few jobs since I was 18 - how the hell is someone supposed to provide documentation for all that short of accessing IRS and Social Security records?


@3, well, that's certainly one way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

To Josh's point: when I look at a map of North America now, I can (finally!) see an unbroken chain of Rationality in the War on Pot smokers -- aka Legalization -- along almost the entire North American coast of the Pacific, from the North Pole (it's ours [or Canada's], right?) to our sunny southern border in California -- 4,000+ miles of sanity and progressive pragmatism. (Or, just people fed up to here with Stupidity.)

Well-played, Lefties. Well played.


There is no such thing as a "Canadian" legal drinking age. It's provincial jursidiction, and it varies between 18 and 19.


Hail, Cascadia! Let's combine Washington state and British Columbia and get DC and Ottawa out of our hair. They don't give a shit about us anyway. Frankly, I'm getting quite tired of being a servant to their whims.


Or we could split WA and OR at the Cascades, and may as well add AK and at least 1/2 of California --- screw that, the whole thing. And Austin could come along too. Oh, and YES on B.C.!

(we'd have the best pot on the Planet)
(We could kick back, and watch it Grow!)
(THAT'd Piss 'em off.)
(Paid to be Lazy.)
(almost like being Rich.)

I Like your plan, Bau.

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