Weed Aug 1, 2018 at 4:00 am

Other states allow home grows. Why can't we?

This is very illegal. Lester Black



We really should change this portion of the law. I think the best analogy is that we can brew or ferment at home, untracked. Also, I've done some homework, and I don't think there are any laws that prevent me from growing my own tobacco, if I wanted to. So other than the whole federal law being mismatched with state law thing, why should we treat this any differently?


A plant, an herb, that little plant, has, due to our laws, destroyed lives. makes no sense still.


I know where that is. I recognize the building on the left.


just look at what other states have done and pick the most LIBERAL method of allowing it.


Pooping in the street is illegal too. I just don't see Holmes going after this rogue from Lake City.


@5, The problem isn't Pete Holmes. The problem is prosecuting attorneys from more conservative cities or counties who would happily prosecute someone for growing a single pot plant in their back yard, because they're Jeff Sessions fanboys.


Freedom is freedom. End of story. Homebrew, home wine, home pot. End of story.
The absurd War on Drugs regulatory approach of the WSLCB is not surprising from a bureaucracy of dolts who calculated how many pot stores should be allowed by counting up how many liquor stores the state had had before the COSTCO grab and using that number. "Let's see here...One...two...three..."

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