Pot diggity dog!


Pick up a bong and dump the bosses off of your back!


"The workers will now receive healthcare benefits, maternal and paternal paid time off, retirement benefits, and new rights surrounding discipline and firings, according to Todd Crosby, president of UFCW 21, the union that Have A Heart’s employees joined Friday."

Sorry, far-alt Righties -- humans beings are people, too.
Way To GO, Have a Heart Co.!
Looks like Capitalism does NOT hafta suck.


Good for them! But wait, I thought all these weed companies were broke?


Looks like Have A Heart does indeed have a heart. Despite being a bigger chain I really like them, I've never had a bad experience in their stores and their budtenders are always friendly (minus that one guy that set up a heist and ran to LA). Good on them.


A stopgap measure for sure, which will probably change once the Fed gets off their butts and deschedules cannabis, but all in all this was a pretty clever way to attract the best and brightest employees and keep them happy as well. Have A Heart saw a big problem in their path and drove right around it. That's forward thinking, right there.

Well done Mr. Kunkel!

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