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What is Lebanese-style hash and why is it so hard to find here?

Nicholas Saad and his Lebanese-style hash. Lester Black



Let's just take legalization to the level that we start a world trade and import hashish from Lebanon, Morocco, Afghanistan, etc. Ahhh, memories of my time in Germany and the varieties of hash that would come there throughout the year.....


In college we used to pinch off a small amount, roll it into a tiny ball, and jab it onto the head of a pin sticking through a piece of thin cardboard. Light it, and when it started smoking cover it with a glass or cup. Lift the rim, put your mouth up to the gap and suck it in, then re-cover it.

DIY and decidedly low-tech, but it did the job...


Never understood why a mixture of two things, or a joining if you will, is a spliff, and pure weed (not joining anything) is a joint in the US. In Europe it's the opposite and it makes sense, but of course over there they play football with their feet as well.


Back in my day a spliff was a marijuana cigarette too. The tobacco cigar item was a blunt.


Funny, bc as I'm sure everyone here knows, hashishin, as I've seen it transliterated, is the root of our word assassin.

@6 same in my day


@4 hash under glass as it is called is one of the better ways to do it. Three tweaks... use some drink coasters on one side of the cup so the edge is lifted. This will allow the hash to have oxygen and become 100% smoke. Use a bendy straw so you can lift that edge a bit, and slurp the smoke out without losing any. Set up multiple "stations" so you can be loading one and letting it smolder while hitting on another.

Also a big favorite is the hot knife method, a classic.

(I happen to be the owner of OZ. in Fremont, and a huge fan of traditional hashish. Sitka makes the best in Washington, hands down.)


don't forget vaping! hash is traditionally smoked, but vaping gives better flavor (and less lung trauma). since vaporizers are designed to avoid combustion, most don't get hot enough to easily vape hard hash (they're fine with bubble hash). (one exception: the 'dynavap'). a typical vaporizer can handle hard hash, but only if it's sliced thinly. being able to really taste hash is a treat!

the original 'assassins' were called that because they supposedly smoked hashish.


Surprisingly hard to find out more about this company and its products, such as where they can be purchased.


hash is for people who live meager and dangerous and oppressed circumstances. hippie lettuce is for soft westerners to help them get through the day waiting for their prime deliveries.

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