In California, our weed shops also have door people. If anything they've made their respective blocks safer.


It's also maybe worth pointing out that "liquor store" has no specific regulatory meaning in California, since you can buy hard liquor in grocery stores and convenience stores. A lot of establishments that call themselves "liquor stores" down there are basically just heavily fortified convenience stores that sell alcohol in places that are too run down or dangerous to support a normal grocery store. It's kinda more that crime causes liquor stores, not the other way around.


@3 Excellent point.


Most of the grocery store chains have a no hands on olicy when it comes to theft. Crime went up when the store by my home started selling hard liquor. It happens so much, the cashier says they don't call the police and watch the thief walk out the door. If the pot shops attract crime, it isn't any more than the grocery stores with unlocked liquor aeas. If they need to fix the pot shop crime, they should come down harder on liquor theft as well.

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