Weed Oct 10, 2018 at 4:00 am

They're just scared. They need your help.

Pete Gamlen



They should play bridge instead. Granted, I speak from the perspective of running three social games weekly in assisted-living communities and duplicate games with a large contingent of players over eighty. But it does seriously do them good.

Normally, I am not bothered by people's choice in private indulgences apart from generally not liking what most people of my acquaintance are like when stoned and therefore usually limiting my exposure to them when in that condition. But serious efforts to recruit people into the habit are so beyond the Pale that I could almost bring myself to think it would serve the author right to be on the receiving end of a false accusation of rape.


omitted - serious efforts to recruit people BY DECEPTION



Take a bong hit and chill out....


LOL. Your grandparents were smoking weed before your parents were born.


"....people whose primary occupation is waiting to die."...that's a very ageist statement. After all, nobody gets out of here alive, right. To suggest that an entire demographic has such an "occupation" is a gross stereotype,,,,Ageism, the dismissing of the elderly as somehow less relevant that other groups in our society is bigoted, straight up. Check yourself, Ms. Herzog...
Your tone is, "oh those silly old people with their silly viewpoints." When, in fact, many age demographics in our society hold many different views, not solely based upon their biological age,,,,The Stranger often stretches the line of deceny when it comes to the elderly.


I am all for the elderly and others having and using THC and CBD products to help with ailments... But FUCK NO!
Dosing someone without their knowledge is NEVER OK, oh and it is also illegal!
How does Katie keep her job?


I approached this with my mother, aged 82. Wasn't into it. Never was into altered states, and the idea just doesn't sit right with her. They raised me to be very 'live and let live' - to assume that individuals can choose for themselves without help unless they specifically want it. So in the spirit in which I was raised, I dropped it and never raised it again. Been toking up since 1975 - and I'm put off by this suggestion to trick someone into an altered state they didn't want the first time they were asked.

Can you imagine if the matter at hand was a straight dude that really wanted his pot-adverse girlfriend to get with the program - and tricking her with edibles was suggested? Yeah, me neither.


Evangelicals of any sort are tiresome.


"...waiting to die."

Awful, just awful.


True, we smoked our share of ditch weed (some laced with pesticides that nearly killed us) but we also had access to Grade-A Jamaican, Panama Red, Columbia Gold and other pure strains (original Thai stick) that was as good, if not better, than the overly engineered stuff you're smokin' Put that in your pipe . . .


Awww, this is so cute. I'm 62 and have been vaping away for a couple of decades now. Before I turned 40 I wasn't into it. Then I married a really boring person and started smoking nonstop. Boring person left, I kept the weed. Vaporizing is much better than smoking. It's the best sleep aid there is. Also, commute aid. Also, grocery store aid. Also, putting up with family aid.


BTW When I say "commute aid", I mean vaping before getting on a commuter bus at rush hour. MUST BE SEDATED. Don't drive high, kids.


7, years ago when my mom was about my age, I got her high. She turned into a raging bitch and made really vicious comments to me. No more weed for you, Mommy Dearest! Stuck to your cheap champagne and OJ.

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