My first question is whether this is a real problem or not. What did they base the criteria for their decision upon?

Because you all know how much I love changing the law for problems that don't exist... almost as much as I love stupid feel-good laws that don't address real problems.


Joe Camel is illegal, but pot candy isn’t?



Well, if that's the way you want to measure it, OK, but... how much of a real damn problem is it if people who want to party can't get their legal recreational marijuana in the form of candies and cupcake sprinkles?


@1: I agree in principle. The starting point should not be "why have pot candy anyway?" the starting point should be "does pot candy harm anyone?"

Although, we do restrict the packaging and forms other chemicals we do not want children to have so they are not confused with candy, and no one thinks that is a bad idea.

On the third hand, watching 40 year old babies whine to mummy because they can't get their gummies really makes me laugh.



Funny, that's literally the same way I feel about watching 40 year old babies whine to mummy because they have to keep their penis-enhancing killing instruments safely secured from little Jasper or Olivia.


So now gummies = guns


Remember when I said the artsy theater types aren’t too sharp in the brain dept? Yep.


People who want to restrict smoking ultimately want to ban smoking.
People who want to restrict alcohol ultimately want to ban alcohol.
People who want to restrict guns ultimately want to ban guns.
People who want to restrict abortions ultimately want to ban abortions.

So be for it or against it, but know that the drivers of these referendums don't want to stop where you want to stop... they wanna go All. The. Way.


couldn't be because candies look just like ... candies, and are really easy to disguise and use on job, at school, even flying?



LOL, funny coming from someone who's probably had a few too many teeth knocked out from blocking pucks with their face, amiright?



Nope, you would be incorrect.



i't gonna keep happening.

If candy had razorblades or a mild poison in them there is a problem but Pot?! No prob!
get some decent guidelines drawn up and stop treating this like it is not a problem and a funfest for adults wanting candy.

I can just see the pranks at halloween when some fun loving joker gives candy to kids. Ya no problem there at all!

most pills come in child proof containers for a reason. THEY LOOK LIKE CANDY!

Recipe for disaster.



So, a lot of running into high sticks, then? Or just a lot of getting punched in the nose while not wearing a helmet?



Oops, you wrong again.

It for sure didn’t involve little kids, unlike the rumors about you.


"... the LCB plans to host an online presentation further clarifying their candy ban."

Hey, LCB -- great idea, have a Presentation!
But guess what? In this, the Age of the Computer,
We, the Peeps of WA wanna open up your Presentation,
and make it a Discussion -- where all might weigh in.
I know that reeks of Democractic Process,
but hey, this IS Washinton, you know!

(I believe they call it Brainstorming -- no Crowdsourcing.
They say The Crowd is typically pretty smart.)

We don't we put it to a Test?
Let's give it a try!

Thanks! Citizen K.


@11 -- And that's why edibles are required to be in childproof wrappers. Even the mint tins have to have the goods wrapped inside the tin so you can't just open open the tin and have at it. Sure, it's a struggle to get your microdose on -- but worth it in the end considering the benefits of safety/responsibility -- and, as a bonus, making one second guess whether they really need another 5mg mint right at that moment.

@7 -- Just because someone believes that you should pass driver's education and get a license before being allowed to drive a car doesn't mean they want to outlaw cars.



The only "rumors" are the ones cavorting in your gonoccocus-infected cranium...


@15 — Exactly. The childproof packaging the candies are already required to be sold in our almost adultproof packaging. LCB wants to go full-on nanny state. Hopefully common sense prevails in the end.

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