The woman in San Francisco who got dubbed "Permit Patty" for threatening to call the police on a young African-American girl trying to sell water near the baseball stadium was also involved in cannabis sales. Stores stop selling her products immediately.


And don't forget that Jeff Sessions liked the KKK until he found out that they smoked pot.


@2: Funny thing is there us only one word in that phrase that makes it inherently "offensive," the word "white."

Take that out, and it is the credo of every living thing on the planet.


And brave Sir Bighorn changed the subject
Bravely changed the subject to the Jews


It's all quite simple, It's the free market at work. People don't want their products to be associated with Nazis.


One of the biggest POS Trump fanatics that I know did Federal time for big time dealing. "Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son." - Dean Faber. But this chick from OR really should have realized that her vocation and her avocation were incompatible, at least in OR. Maybe she should try again in Alaska?


Wouldjew buy a lampshade from a Nazi?


Why am I not surprised that Sargon Bighorn would instantly engage in Whataboutism directed at the Jewish Supremacists running Israel, and Theodore Gorath would then try to claim that bigotry and hate are universal human values. I am not surprised that our resident Fascists are regurgitating their usual hateful bile. Honestly, the only way either could surprise me would be by posting something intelligent and insightful. Not that either could ever accomplish that.


@13: I'm sorry you can't read.


@13 reads well.


Sidestepping the question of if it's "fair" to decide not to do business with these folks,

Do we have a right to privacy with who we associate with? Should we? On a fundamental level I don't believe in "The End Justify The Means" so I'm curious about how they were outed, as we're not given evidence of anything overtly illegal. Given that plenty of folks are presently arguing that Moira Donegan et al should have the right to anonymously accuse people of sex crimes, it seems that there is broad belief that we should be able to do some things without being outed.


@2 and @5 ANYONE can become Jewish by converting to Judaism. Show us ONE way racial minority people can be accepted by white supremacists as WHITE! Do you two ever think before posting? Has bigotry rotted all your brain cells?


@18: I didn't say anything about Jews or bigotry, or even white people, really. Some people can think about things in other than stark, concrete terms, and you have to accept that.


@18 plenty of purple have become white over the years. You know the phrase White Anglo Saxon Protestant? Those used to be redundant. Catholics weren't white. Slavs weren't white, and so on. Today, in 2018, they're unquestionably white. It happens

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and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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