Lester, if you assemble the data on actual incidents of children getting dosed on edibles, that would be a public service.

Then interview real experts in packaging, child poisoning, etc., for what would address those.

(If we just make all the candy uncolored and a little bitter, l don't think i I'd have any real problem with that, but I'm sure it would hit adult sales too. And sure seems unfair to leave shiny red foil wrapped caramel chocolates on the shelf next to the bitter gray mints.)


I think this whole debate is a continuation of the taboo status of marijuana. There are plenty of other substances that are more accessible to children, and are much more likely to poison them enough to require medical intervention. Lots of alcoholic beverages look like soda or, more recently, sparkling water, and may be stored in someone's fridge at kid level (especially if a kid is visiting someone who has not child-proofed their house, which seems to be a common scenario for accidental weed consumption). The number of instances of kids accidentally ingesting marijuana has certainly increased due to the increased availability of the product, but it's still quite low on the list in terms of number of calls to poison control.

I agree that something needs to be done to address this issue, such as better customer education around safely storing weed-infused products when children are around, but the response should be proportional to the problem.


And @1, fuck no on making the candy uncolored and a little bitter. what's the point then?


Is no one going to take a position on pot-infused candy corn?


Why do stoners need pot candy?

Stoners are the worst people....and deep down you all agree. Most of them are useless shits.


@5 You think it's primarily stoners buying weed candy?



Is that what I said?

Read better.


@5 I know trolling is your whole deal, but yes, you asked why stoners need "pot candy"? The answer is most stoners don't. It's not really a stoner thing.

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