Instagram Shuts Down a Popular Cannabis Account—Repeatedly

What is their problem with Cannabess?



I don't think there's a conspiracy to shut her down; Social Media regulation is the Wild West - there's nothing approaching a unified theory on any of the major networks. Alex Jones should probably still have his accounts, based on the published rules. Donald Trump, by those same rules, should not. There's no rhyme or reason, and therefore, no reason to attribute Bess being shut down due to some sort of political conspiracy.


Facebook owns IG now. They have kicked countless people off FB (lots of women and non-white people) but never kick off the white male supremacists or the pages that encourage violence against women. I got banned from FB for writing comments against white supremacists (specifically the murders that happened on the MAX train in Portland) and for following and commenting on pages like Black Lives Matter and Don't Shoot Portland. Guaranteed it was white supremacist males flagging my comments until FB just banned me outright. Of course just like most comments sections (including this one) they never banned the trolls personally attacking individuals, trolls telling people to kill themselves, trolls telling women to shut the fuck up or suck someone's cock, trolls telling white people against white supremacy that they are race traitors, etc. Facebook is a toxic waste dump of hate and spam and shit.

Since FB took over, spam (follow requests and troll commenting on comments I write) on my IG account has increased 3000% and I have a private page. IG will soon just be FB 2.0


Um. Yeah. Not a conspiracy.

I own and operate OZ. in Fremont, a cannabis shop.

We had an Instagram account for a while. They shut it down. I asked why, they said that cannabis related sites weren't allowed on the platform, period.

I pointed out that there were lots of other cannabis accounts on Instagram, and they said "well, we haven't gotten around to all of them yet".

Is this absurd? Yes, considering that cannabis is legal in California, where most of these companies are located. That said, they pay for the servers, they have lawyers that draft the terms of service, they can ban anyone (or anything) they want.


@4 nailed it. Instagram and Facebook are not public forums, they are for-profit companies that sell a product that they control. The old fashioned way to have your freedom was to have a “blog” (remember those?) and shamelessly promote it until it had great Googleosity.