Most Regrettable Mistakes in the Pot Industry in 2018

From Jeff Sessions to the worst weed store in the world to the stoner down at the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.



I regret how much money I spend on my medicine (weed). Granted I could get a Medical card for the 30% discount but that's only if the store offers it.

Lack of choices and quality bud and spending too much for something that isn't worth the price makes me want to move back to the black market. It's a horrible notion because you have no idea what you are getting; has to be pretty bad for someone to want to go back to that.


Patients with a medical cards only are exempted from the sales tax not the 37% "sin tax." BS, i know.


A very Progressive state like WA, and we cannot GROW it Ourselves?

Does Jefferey Bowreguardless Sessions (the Turd) ("Possum") live here, or something?

Let's fucking Catch UP, Warshington.
Otherwise, we may as well be fucking Mississippi.


"Of course, no one wants to admit mistakes, so we'd like to admit some mistakes on other people's behalf." -- the Writers

Well. Played.

Warshinton cannot Afford to test our pot for Poison (pesticides). Therefore, they're gonna hafta up the 50% Tax (37% 'sin' plus 10% sales plus spillage) on Weed so's they can (read: "might") "look into" it.

They're just Super-duper Busy, down there in the (former) land of Olympia Beer. So, if they haven't yet removed Pesticides (POISONS) in a year, or two, maybe check in, again?


What about a little more local coverage?

For example, does anyone know whether King County regrets red-lining pot dispensaries (licensed retail stores) out of 80% of King County’s unincorporated area?

Hell no!! Good old Dow just loves seeing all those pot stores nestled up against themselves in little old White Center and Skyway.

(Just kidding! He tries to avoid those parts of town ...)


"Speaking of stoners, the WSLCB regrets abruptly trying to ban all previously approved pot candies...and even adults can’t get those goddamn packages open."
I'm 69 yrs old. Those chronic fruit chews help me sleep. It takes an indeterminate time for them to kick in, so I have a large glass of brandy. The brandy kicks in immediately & put me to sleep. The weed lets me sleep straight through at least 6 hours for the first time in years. I don't really find any real medicinal value to herb.....but it's a very useful, and.....where was I?....