WTF's Wrong with our State Liquor Control Board?

Are they all Drunk?

Or, do they just
about their Citizens' Safety?

Maybe we might send a few down to sunny Cali, let 'em see how it's done.

Say, and btw, wheretf's our Governor?

Does he just NOT have time to, I dunno, maybe GOVERN?

I understand he seeks higher office.
Effectiveness begins at HOME.


Isn't government regulation fun kids?


Look for the DOH General Use Compliant label. These products have been tested for pesticides and heavy metals.


Not nearly as much fun as Poison alt-Lib.


Poison we're probably Libertarians, but I doubt they gave it any real thought.


LO fucking L you poor saps. Enjoying this clean clean clean Oregon green here...


I miss the good old days of illegal pot when my local grower was a bonkers old lady who never used pesticides on her homegrown and very good weed. The only thing to worry about was getting busted. Now it's legal and pesticides this and pollution that. Be careful what you ask for!


@7 -- "Be careful what you ask for!"

All's we're asking for is a COMPETENT

Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Yes, that does seem like A Lot to ask for....

It's just that they're so gawdawful Busy,
down there, this time a year...


If you (WSLCB) CANNOT promise the Citizenry* herbicide/fungicide/Pesticide-free pot

Then: Let us grow our own.
They call it a No-brainer.
'Cause it so Simple!

*who's healthcare you WILL be funding.


Sad to say but from what I've seen and heard, this is typical of Washington state's employee's, doing the very minimum and going through the motions without actually accomplishing much.

The LCB might end up reinvigorating the black market when people start growing their own again to protect themselves from the LCB's mistakes and oversights. If I were arrested for growing it, I'd have no problem saying that in court because it's the truth.


@10 -- Great point Rick. How can they imprison us for not
being stupid / gullible enough to buy their pesticides-laced pot?

Seems like one could sue, just for being forced to have to make that choice...
After all, they did tell us we were allowed to possess, and enjoy it.....




^oops. Can't edit comments here? sheesh...

Been working on this in my spare time but, hey, it might be of some service.


I love the headline of this Inside Cannabis article:

The state of Washington notices its pot is not tested for pesticides. Seattle alt-biweekly The Stranger looks at the recent California cannabis recall spurred by faked pesticide testing results and makes an astute observation. Author Lester Black notes that Washington does not even test its marijuana for pesticides at all, despite "ample evidence of illegal pesticide use." β€” THE STRANGER

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