Whoa, Governor -- is this also how you'll fill out your future Cabinet?

I know, you're competing against a multiply-failed, unhinged, soon-to-be-wearing-matching-orange whacko, but, let's raise that bar WAAAY back up, and not incrementally.


Fuck you jay, never voting for your ass again.


The problem when your governor runs for president is that you totally know all of their fuck ups.


Russ (Boss) Hauge is a huge millionaire too. Lester you missed this part!


Uh-oh. Jay's being asked today to reimburse the state for his State Trooper entourage;
and to pro-rate his campaign time, and remove it from his Governor's paycheck...

Were it a WA Repub Gov, running for Prez, I'd hafta agree, at least on the former; if he's a competent delegator, and we're well-covered here, then, not so much, on the latter. So, yeah, cough it up, Jay. Show them Repubs what a damn fine Dem looks like. (Although, the WSLCCB is STILL Incompetent, should you happen ask some [many?] of those dealing/struggling with them).


Inslee does NOT have the support of Washington voters. He's failed as our governor and will fail the country as president. Inslee will never get my vote for president not now not ever.

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