Maryam knows her pot.
Maryam knows her pot. Lester Black
Buying pot at CannaWest is difficult—there are too many great products to choose from. While many of Seattle’s pot stores are filled with hundreds of mediocre brands, CannaWest is stocked with hit after hit. How do you choose flower between Kiona Gardens and Eagle Tree Farms? How can I choose between a vape cartridge from Pearl Extracts and a cartridge from WAM Oil? It’s a legitimately difficult position to put a well-informed stoner in! And that's largely Maryam Mirnateghi’s fault.

Mirnateghi both owns CannaWest and decides what's on the store's shelves. Retail owners are rarely that involved in the product selection at their stores, but Mirnateghi isn’t like most owners. She has been in this business since the medical days when she ran the Fusion Collective dispensary. She's a true pot connoisseur, so what does Mirnateghi pick when she's looking at her own daunting menu? I asked her to narrow her menu down to five products, here’s what she selected:

Gelato by CannaOrganix ($68 for 7 grams; $36 for 3.5 grams)
"We basically call our phone the Gelato hotline, about eight out of ten calls are for Canna Organix flower," Mirnateghi said. "Gelato is the perfect chill with your friends kind of strain. It has a really nice relaxing body effect to it but it’s not a couchlock body effect. It’s a buzzy relaxed body high and it has a social, uplifting head effect to it."

A close-up of Gelato grown by Canna Oganix.
A close-up of Gelato grown by Canna Oganix. Courtesy Canna Organix

Velvet Swing Infused Lube ($10 for 3, 10mg packets; $30 for 10, 10mg packets)
"We are finding that Velvet Swing is one of our most popular products, we can’t seem to keep it on the shelves. The data shows that people in West Seattle are searching for infused lubes more than anything else."

"I really like this product because it works really well and it’s condom safe so it won’t wear down the latex. It comes in these little trial sized packets so you can do one time serving or you can do a larger."

Blueberry by Heylo ($50 for a .5 gram Pax era pod; $40 for a .5 gram CCell cartridge)
"I picked Heylo because they are a female-owned company and also one of my favorite companies to work with. They do a lot as to having integrity, they test everything, their products are clean, and it’s a really nice oil. I love the Pax Era pens because you can control the temperature down to a tenth of a degree. It’s really easy to get that perfect temperature for each pod so you have the perfect flavor for it."

"The Blueberry is one of my favorites because it’s a really nice relaxing effect, it’s one of those take-you-into-the-evening strains. It’s not going to knock you out, it’s just going to be really relaxing. It has an amazing aftertaste of pine, and that blueberry flavor comes through initially."

Laurel Friesen, Heylos owner and head of extraction.
Laurel Friesen, Heylo's owner and head of extraction. Lester Black

CBD Sapphire Chocolate Bar by Verdelux ($35 per bar, contains 200mg of CBD and 10mg of THC)
"I really like these for a couple of reasons: The chocolate is really tasty, it’s really good chocolate. And I love that it’s a CBD product. It’s a really nice take-the-pain-away or take-the-edge-off. And I also like the fact that they come in sugar or sugar-free."

Grease Monkey by Trinity Productions ($60 for 7 grams; $35 for 3.5 grams)
"This is probably my favorite new product and the product that I am most excited about getting. I just went to the farm and took a look at their new flower and it is amazing. This strain is one of my favorites right now. It’s really fun."

"It’s perfect to prime for a party. Some strains are really social and uplifting but this one makes you social by combining a bunch of different effects that put you in the perfect mood to have a good time. Music is awesome. Lights are pretty. You are in a great open mood. And the body high is amazing and it’s not like knock-you-down/make-you-sleepy."