Weed Jun 5, 2019 at 4:00 am

Washington State lawmakers say fat chance.

Portland, Las Vegas, and San Francisco are getting pot cafes. Why canโ€™t we? Rachelle Abellar




That's kind of amazing, I feel like I actually saw your libertarianism collide with your hippie-hate and explode, but with nowhere topical to go the expanding gasses just forced out the nearest bit of bigotry available.

Thanks for the show, I guess?


The smoking lounges in Vegas were put on hold last week following a state issued moratorium for two years so they can "study the issue". It was one of the last things our biennial state legislature voted on. The city was ready to charge full ahead but the gaming and booze industries aren't quite ready of consumption lounges even though there are scores of dispensaries. The city is trying to determine the next course of action including suing the state.

Mehlman you must be proud of your bigotry as you display it so often. If she is the lesbian Tucker Carlson does that make you the incel Sean Hannity?


If I owned a five acre piece of property - would be legal for me to put private events that allow smoking - say I charged a 10$ cover - smoking only outside - since you be my friend would give you a couple joints to enjoy. You could rent it out to like nudist groups, fly clubs, have a concert. It's my property, smoking outdoors only, and enjoying the day with my friends.


@4 A local lawyer or promoter will know better, but since you can't legally sell weed to guests your venture doesn't sound very sustainable at $10 for every 2 joints given away. You could try the art-opening wine/beer trick with a tip jar, but rural festival stoners aren't likely as generous as art show attendees. Also, you'll probably have to wade through event permit hell before you can charge admission.


@2 Brilliant.

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