Weed Jul 3, 2019 at 4:00 am

Researchers examined wastewater in Tacoma and ended up finding out a lot about our weed habits.

Tacoma’s wastewater has the answers in a new cannabis study. Rachelle Abellar



The residue of drugs in our waste water, both legal and illegal, are killing the Orcas.


@1 Sorry, it is lack of salmon to feed on that is pushing the Orcas to extinction. We should have banned all salmon fishing in Puget Sound waters years ago. Seriously, the Orcas all show malnutrition, and if pot affected them at all, they'd be getting the munchies.


Increasingly in the past two decades the drug use grown. Just like the decreasing health of Orcas. Don't you see the hockey stick? It's drug pollution in the water, killing salmon too.


I'm pretty sure the THC being detected comes from urine, not poop.


Drug pollution is killing our salmon and orcas? We're gonna jump straight to that conclusion? So, what's killing the grey whales then you geniuses? Hmmm? Let me take a wild guess and say, you think it's Trump's environmental policy. Have you drank ALL the koolaid from the liberal punch bowl? Good lord....


Yeah those liberals hate pot so bad. They hate pot because pot is America.

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