Washington State May Finally Legalize Growing Pot at Home

Could 2020 be the year this happens?



It never made any sense to begin with not to allow people to grow at home legally in a state where it's legal. People grow it anyway, all we've done is make them criminals and force them underground so to speak.

So I'm in the "I'll believe it when I see it" camp. And if I'm wrong, I'll be happy about being wrong.


Like the article says if we can make beer in our garages then why can't folks have a plant or two? You will know that your plant is organically grown with zero pesticides.


About time.

Oh, and when you have apple trees to make cider, you're putting arsenic in the soil, in case nobody told you.


In Representative Lauren Davis's defense, plants in someone's backyard or home are not as secure as those in a professional grow operation.
Is the idea that children could obtain marijuana by simply pilfering it from the neighbor's garden enough reason to outlaw home grow?
I'd like to think not, but there is at least grounds for legitimate concern.


@4 We could easily add regulation that the plants should be secured and put in the bill the various methods.

It invalidates your whole argument and Lauren Davis's. But let's say a kid gets ahold of some trimmings and eats it; what then? Most likely nothing. Unless it's activated product it's just THCA and terps they should be able to sleep it off. We can grow things far more lethal in our garden that can kill your children that they won't know anything about that has no regulation on it.

Need to teach our children instead of nerfing the world because you don't want to take the time.