Weed Jan 1, 2020 at 4:00 am

It wasn't as relaxing as I'd hoped.



I’ve purchased legal weed in four states. California is the worst experience across the board.


Smoking bowls of AK-47 Full Throttle or whatever the hell strain you bought sounds like the opposite of lounging.


"... there's no chance that I'll have a better
experience at a Washington pot cafe,
because those don't exist."

Let us not turn this into a self-fulfilling Prophesy.

Remember Maureen!
"Don’t Harsh Our Mellow, Dude"

Moral of the Story?
Pot's a Drug -- Respect it or
(you might wanna) Die.



Our Secret Beaches are our pot cafes.


This sounds like a Rookie Experience!

Also, Sparc > Barbary Coast


The problem you had is you still feel the stigma of the prohibition so you are constantly looking around to see who's looking at you. What you should have been doing is enjoying yourself and not giving a crap about what everyone else around you was doing.

Another bad article from The Stranger; Hillary Loving vape hating (and sometimes bad articles on weed).

Thank goodness there are better places for this kind of news. Marijuana Moment He even has daily email he sends out at 3:45am if you want to keep up with everything.

I'm a supporter of Marijuana Moment and donate to them via their patreon page.

Even Tom's Twitter feed kicks your butt.


Heck, I just figured the weed made him paranoid!


Years ago I went to a pot shop/lounge in Vancouver, BC. This is before even medical mj was legal in Washington. I got high in the shop and became horribly paranoid, convinced that the US had a camera outside the shop, catching the identity of everyone who came and went. My companion thought I was playing a prank on him, but no, I was genuinely absolutely terrified and paranoid. I hurried back to the hotel and hid in my room for hours. These days I prefer to vape in the comfort of my own home, feet up, clicker in hand and a nice cold Space Dust in hand. (Who still smokes weed? Smoking is so last century. It stinks and its bad for your lungs. Invest in an Arizer Solo, your lungs will thank you.)


Is this really Lester Black or an imposter? I'm skeptical. The real Lester Black would have ordered a hot cocoa.

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