How One Company Gets Around Laws on Pot Delivery



Thanks but no thanks, the days when I woke up so sick I couldn't go out were few and far between even back when I was younger, still immortal, and drank a lot more.

Besides, weed's expensive enough already without the added cost of delivery. I'm thinking of going back to the black market or growing my own, whether it's legal or not. Fuck the LCB and their nonsensical rules. With that kind of thinking it's only a matter of time before they screw the cannabis industry up like they did with alcohol. Morons.

Everything's too fucking expensive in this stupid, regressively taxed state, I prefer not to encourage that. Beautiful state, horribly run.


Boutique Moms and Pops
with smoking lounges and
free Home Delivery (of you and)
your Product? Hell. on YES.

Smoking Tours of Washington
on Double Decker busses
I can almost smell them.


There is a pot store every other block in this town. There is simply no excuse for running out of weed. How are you going to get adulting right if you can't even keep your weed shelf stocked? Delivery is for pizza. SMH


The company in Silverdale "Better" Buds is already known to skirt LCB and state law regulations. This is just another nail in their coffin. The owners are thieves and allow management to smoke inside their establishment on top of the owners leaving at close with product for their own consumption. They are a stain on the cannabis community and have 0 regard for their employees or customers.


Until this state enacts funds for the black and brown people demonized for selling weed to survive to start their own cannabis businesses, IDGAF. Also- Fuck Ike, I hope his shops burn down. He is a racist turd, and a festering open herpe sore on this community.