Please Dave. This is one time where a picture is not worth a million words. What's wrong with you, seriously?
I'm not sure which is worse, the shit picture or the photo of Trump in his golf diaper pants.
The pic is awful. For God's sake take it down, delete it from your hard drives, and then burn your hard drives.
Gee, maybe give a warning above the fold before posting images like that?
I've never worked in a bar but this doesn't even seem that hardcore.

Still didn't need to see it though. Yarrgh.
As a former hotel/restaurant worker, I can tell you that poopoo in the urinal happens more than people would think. I can’t imagine how awkward a pose you would have to strike to do it.
That was hilarious! Sarah Mokate is a real trooper. Hats off to all tavern/bar/restaurant service workers.
One of my kids took a dump in the urinal during the Apple Cup years ago. Little trooper was recently post-diaper, and told me he needed to go to the bathroom. I let him go into the bathroom on this own, and then checked on him after about 3 minutes. Walked into the restroom, and he was turned around backwards sitting on the urinal.

Initial thought - parenting fail. Had not taught him to properly use a urinal. Second thought - ruh roh. Upon remarking that his technique was not appropriate for peeing, he informed me, "I go poopy." And he had.

Shoved him into the stall when it opened up to wipe ass, and some guy peed on his turd before I could grab paper towels and fish it out for proper disposal.
I've always thought that the Stranger resorted to various degrees of pornography to increase their readership but stooping down into scatology is just disgusting. I would never have thought they would go this low; this is really juvenile.
As a trauma and ER doc--you ain’t seen NOTHING! We “get” to care for the idiots and morons who do this!

I’ve had to change scrubs 5-6 times a shift for poop and vomit and not just blood when someone’s belly is eviscerated from a knife. (Just Google it!)

DELETE THE PHOTO! God it’s bad enough having to look at Trump and his spawn every damn day!

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