Thanks for clearly demonstrating why you're working at the Stranger and not in advertising...


A writer for The Stranger criticizing bad writing? Have you read The Stranger in the last ten years?


"Two" doesn't rhyme with "beau."

And something is either correct or it isn't; it can't be "more correct."


Someone Really Phoned It in When They Wrote This Post.....


'Sup! Professional ad copywriter/proofreader here with nearly a decade of experience in the biz.

I agree with Christopher in that this was not thought all the way through. I get what they were trying to do (as do we all), and also trying to be all nice and succinct and whatnot...

But yeah, you can't assume readers will make take the extra step of thinking "I see... they mean "A beautiful two-word phrase" and not "two beautiful individual words." Heck, they could have just said "Cancer free. Sounds beautiful." and called it a day.

Though points to the writer for that ad for not hyphenating "Cancer free" since it's not being used as a modifier.

(I'm an unabashed grammar geek. It's my blessing, my curse, my burden, my salvation.)


Why isn't "cancer" a beautiful word? It's the perfect word to describe this publication.


Christopher, it's a good thing you are one of the well hung tops in Seattle or you'd be without a job


@6: at least "cancer-free" could be called a beautiful word.


Slog: All fluff. No stuff.


the word is not the thing, so when you have "cancer free" as an idea consisting of two words that has different meaning than "cancer" which is one, not so beautiful word. simplistic take, and I normally appreciate contrarian takes. this was just snippy and a seeming attempt to throw some trash into the content maw. write something better


"Cancer-free: One Wonderful Word"

Damn, I'm good. Someone should pay me for this.


Oh FFS...

Ever had cancer? Listen asshole, most people who have had and been cured think that "cancer free" really is beautiful.


This is some hard-hitting journalism Christopher. You should be working for Buzzfeed - OH WAIT...


14 That's very funny! CANCER! HA HA!



Please rethink your life choices. Apparently from reading these comments, you have a big cock. Maybe use that instead of your brain since apparently you were bless in one department but left lacking in the other.


A beautiful compound modifier functioning as an adjective to the implied subject of the above sentence fragment (nevermind about this one).



Wow the peanut gallery is really riled up today :D


Maybe Franciscan Health uses the Chicago Manual of Style.


I'm offended that you're offended.
God, I can't believe I have to scold a scold again today.
Don't you think I have anything better to do?


What a stupid stupid stupid article.


The real story is why so much advertising from various hospitals aggressively competing for cancer patients? Because the chemo drugs etc are massively profitable to the hospitals if insurance is paying. Cancer care has a fat margin. And so they hire big ad firms. Classy!


25 - excellent point. that would be an interesting investigative long-read.


"Cancer: fuck the fuck off."

@23 -- so Sorry for your loss.

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