You've got to be pretty damned new in town if you think you need to explain ENSO to a Seattle audience.


Hmm I smell a hater-avalanche of many stripes breaking loose on these comments at any time now, but snowy mountains are lovely magic, so if snow you want Lester Black here's wishing snow you get.


It's not just skiers and snowboarders who pray for snow. That snow is our water and electricity for the next year. The last really nasty El Nino we had was in 1976, and water was so short that people were doing silly things like dropping bricks into their toilet tanks, and the like.


I realize that Lester is probably just trying to fend off the anti-rain trolls, but I have to point out that for several decades, now, more the number of people moving to Seattle from other counties in Western Washington has been more than three times the number of people moving to Seattle each year from outside of Washington.

And it's much much more lopsided with you compare to the numbers coming from the rest of Washington and Oregon. So assuming that most people in Seattle are ignorant of the climate isn't a good start for any discussion.


Many people's livelihood also depend on there being snow in the winter. A few years ago when there was no snow it was very difficult for all the people who work in winter sports and tourism industries to make ends meet. Also, no snow will cause drought conditions - disastrous for farmers, fisheries and wildfires. So yeah, hope for snow.


Put me down as the third commenter who was thinking of water levels during the summer from melting snowpack, and surprised that Lester couldn't see past his own winter recreation wishes.


Yeah, what ToeTag @4 & Knat @8 said.
Screw the entertainment option of skiii bumming and exploring snowy mountains. It's more than "melting snowpack", it's the glaciers that are our drinking water. And they are disappearing regardless of a puff of powder every winter or not. The coming years we'll be facing a real water crisis in this here lush, rainsoaked 'Emerald' oasis.

Write an article about how to stop your neighbors from watering their lawn in the summer, or how to get AGRICULTURE (greatest users of water) to reduce their water use. Or how to save winter rainwater to grow your veggies in the summer. Or how to purify said stored rainwater for drinking, if it comes to that.

Because it's going to come to that. Adventure be damned.

@6 - People in the snow recreation / tourism industry need to see the writing on the wall, and get out before they're forced out by decreasing skiiiiiiiable days.

*iii <= extra i's just in case I missed some.

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