Its nice that at least some segments of the economy enjoy benefits from state ownership of the means of production.


On the bright side, we can now call it "The Tomb" to match its next-door neighbor, "The Clink."


Nathalie's obsession with the Mariners continues...


Shh, nobody tell David where SafeCo was founded, or that T-Mobile was never an independent company, but rather has always been a branded subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom...

...but then, maybe he'd be even happier with a company that's not just German, but was founded and built by the Nation of Germany itself.


six mil for naming rights seems relatively cheap, considering how often it's mentioned.

kind of surprised some billionaire didn't shake out the change from his jorts and, say, call it the "clay bennett thinks seattle is still a bunch of pantywaists stadium"


Remember when our sports arenas had cool names like KIngdome and Colisseum?


Shh, nobody tell robotslave that T-Mobile was VoiceStream which was part of Western Wireless, founded in Bellevue by northwest native John Stanton, who also happens to be majority owner of the Mariners. ¯(ツ)



Fenway Park was named for a Real Estate firm in 1911, and Wrigley Field was named after a manufacturer of chewing gum in 1927. The good old days, they never was.



Yet the name SafeCo is still an active brand, while VoiceStream and Western Wireless are not.

But this is just another point in favor of the Germans, isn't it? So famously thorough they are!


This article is excessive. The same information contained in it could’ve been expressed in a single sentence:

“Hi, my name is Nathalie Graham and I HATE the Mariners!!!”


@6 - if the owner of the Mariners and the owner of the naming rights owner is one and the same (per @8), that explains it .

However, the Mariners are denying it's T-Mobile?


I better get some free tickets on T-Mobile Tuesdays.


What's up with the shot at the removable roof?
The removable roof works (moves) just fine...


@15 yeah that was odd.

Now, if it's T-Mobile's roof, the coverage may be spotty...


Can’t we please name one of the stadiums Geico and get that god damn plane out of our sky?
Ridding us of the noise, air and sensory pollution would be well worth it to every man, woman and growing child. Fuck that plane.



Is that the blue-lit building just south of I-90,
just east of 405, as you go up the hill?
Indeed, it's a Beaut!

Light up your Architecture, people!
You paid for it -- let 'em know
you appreciate it.

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