Editorial Director
Dan Savage
Print Editor
Christopher Frizzelle
Associate Editor
Eli Sanders
Managing Editor
Leilani Polk
Digital Editor
Chase Burns
Associate Editor
Charles Mudede
Senior Staff Writer
Rich Smith
Staff Writers
Lester Black, Nathalie Graham, Katie Herzog, Jasmyne Keimig, Dave Segal
Copy Chief
Gillian Anderson

Things To Do

Regional Calendar Director
Jamie Reed
Arts Calendar Editor
Joule Zelman
Music Calendar Editor
Kim Selling
Food & Drink Calendar Editor
Julianne Bell
Associate Calendar Editor
Elaina Friedman
Calendar Assistant
Megan Lickhalter

Art & Production

Regional Director of Production
Erica Tarrant
Art Director
Jessica Stein
Rachelle Abellar, Ashley Belfsky, Anthony Keo, Joel Schomberg


Regional Sales Director
James Deeley
Senior Account Executives
Ben Demar, Katie Phoenix
Senior Account Executive/Theater
Juliette Brush-Hoover
Entertainment Account Executive
Diana Katz
Display Account Executives
Neal Callahan
Sales Operations Manager
Taffy Marler
Advertising Coordinator
Bobby Anderson


Tim Keck
Rob Crocker
Accounting Manager
Renée Krulich
Mike Nipper
Credit Manager/Office Manager
Evanne Hall

Events & Media

Executive Producer
Rob Crocker
Director of Operations
Tracey Cataldo
Marketing & Promotions Director
Caroline Dodge
Marketing & Events Coordinator
Kevin Murphy
Nancy Hartunian

Technology & Development

Chief Technology Officer
Anthony Hecht
Lead Developer
Jay Jansheski
Michael Crowl, Nick Nelson
Tech Support Specialist
Grant Hendrix

Bold Type Tickets

Director of Sales and Operations
Sarah VanSandt
Client Solutions Representative
Janina Loos


Circulation Manager
Kevin Shurtluff
Circulation Assistant
Paul Kavanagh


Laurie Saito