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Stranger Suggests: Watson's Counter, Tony Molina, Sea of Vapors, Collide-O-Scope: Pride Edition, Brandee Younger Trio, They Live: A Fundraiser for the Starbucks Union Relief Fund

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Play Date: Striking Out with Strangers on the Leftovers Softball Team

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Federal Judge “Proud” of Seattle Police Department, Appears Ready to Remove Most Oversight

Familiy of Those Killed by Police Reject Judge’s Reformed SPD Narrative

Nostalgia Is So Alive

Love and Rockets Inspired Hysteria Like It Was No Big Deal

Transportation May 26 3:05 PM

Why Do People Wave at Passing Trains?

Are They Having a Nervous Breakdown?

News May 1 5:13 PM

Inslee to Set Date for Special Session on Drug Possession Law

Washington Lawmakers Still Divided on Path Forward

Film/TV May 25 3:20 PM

"You're a Worm with a Mustache"

I’ve Never Had So Much Fun Watching Reality TV

News May 5 9:00 AM

You Want Better City Councils? Pay Them More.

One Redmond City Council Member Makes $12 a Month, and It’s About to Get Worse

Cops May 26 2:40 PM

KUOW and Seattle Times Overstate Problems with Juvie Diversion Programs

More Copaganda Under the Guise of “Accountability”

Food & Drink May 16 9:15 AM

An Investigation of Seattle’s Most Expensive Taco Bell

Yes, the One in Lower Queen Anne Really Is A LOT More Expensive

Elections 2023 May 24 4:47 PM

Piroshky Piroshky Owner Olga Sagan Is Running for City Council

Honestly, Policy-wise, She’s Kind of a Wild Card!

Music May 15 4:10 PM

Lau Nau's Celestial Minimalism and Packmember Angel's Infernal Techno

The Best New Music to Hit My Inbox This Week

Music May 26 10:30 AM

Nabihah Iqbal's Magical Shoegaze Rock and Yves/Son/Ace's Outsider Techno

The Best New Music to Hit My Inbox This Week

News May 16 2:38 PM

Why Did Marc Dones Resign?

Sources Say It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Music May 16 10:40 AM

I Stopped Performing Music Because Venues Are Ableist

And They Don’t Seem to Want to Change

Elections 2023 May 19 10:00 AM

Mutual Aid Organizer Tye Reed Enters City Council Race in North Seattle

Reed Says Her Ideas Aren’t New, Radical, or Even Her Own

Stranger Suggests May 25 12:00 PM

Today's Stranger Suggests: Mad Professor w/DJ Kid Hops

One Really Great Thing to Do Every Day of the Week

Transportation May 25 4:05 PM

Bike and Bus Lanes Are Causing More Pollution?

Dismantling This Argument Is Not Only Not Interesting, but a Complete Waste of My Time. Instead, This Post Will Be about the Philosophical Function of the Automobile.

Visual Art May 15 8:00 AM

Joey Veltkamp’s Pride and Joy

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Guest Rant May 25 9:30 AM

230,000 of You Have Not Claimed Your "Working Families" Tax Rebate

And Thanks to a New Law, Domestic Violence Survivors Can Now Access It More Safely

Economy May 15 1:22 PM

Buybacks Continue to Take Big Bites Out of Seattle's Economy

As Companies Lay Off Workers, They Continue to Buyback Stocks, Turn a Profit

Animals May 26 9:33 AM

Evan Peters Is the Motley Zoo Pup of the Month

The 1-Year-Old Retriever Mix Loves Other Dogs, Cats, and YOU!

Film/TV May 12 2:47 PM

SIFF Tells The Stranger More Details About Their Cinerama Surprise

Yes, the Chocolate Popcorn Is Coming Back; No, the Theater Won’t Be Open in Time for Oppenheimer

Film/TV May 22 2:15 PM

A Full List of This Year’s SIFF Winners

The Blue Caftan Took Home the Golden Space Needle for Best Director and Best Performance