Seattle’s Pay Up Problems May Have Little to Do with the New Minimum Wage

Bike Couriers Report Lower Wages than Drivers, and Some Say a Repeal Won’t Fix That


The Best Bang for Your Buck Events in Seattle This Weekend: Apr 19–21, 2024

Grass & Gas: 4/20 Celebration, Record Store Day, and More Cheap & Easy Events Under $15

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Stranger Suggests

Stranger Suggests: Oneohtrix Point Never, Record Store Day, Sheer Mag, Tessa Hulls with Michelle Peñaloza and Jane Wong, The People's Joker

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Dropping Stitches at Knit Night

Savage Love

Savage Love

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I Saw U: Standing in the Oso Oso Merch Line, Kissing My Hand at CS, and Sitting at the Next Table Over at Comedy/Bar

SIFF Unveils Full 2024 Lineup

Here's Everything You Need to Know, From the Can't-Miss Movies to Where to Buy Tickets

The Seasons' Canon Felt Like a Religious Experience

Even and Especially from the Cheap Seats

Comedy Thu 10:10 AM

The Anti-Jim Carrey

LA Comic Logan Guntzelman's Potent Punch Lines Sneak Up on You

News Feb 27 1:11 PM

Seattle Police Officer Throws Handcuffed 58-Year-Old Man to the Ground

Office of Police Accountability Investigating over Use of Force

City Apr 2 2:45 PM

Rome Is a Real City, a World City, and It Has Graffiti Everywhere

Mayor Harrell Would Absolutely Hate It

Person of Interest: Taha Ebrahimi

Seattle’s Coolest Street Tree Expert

Elections 2024 Mar 15 9:00 AM

University of Washington Students Bemoan Choices for President, Contemplate Not Voting

The State Democratic Party Vows to Keep Trying to Engage Younger Voters

News Apr 10 12:43 PM

Proposed Contract Kills Any Hope for Real Police Alternatives in Seattle

The Union Basically Negotiated for Some Police Assistants

News Apr 2 5:14 PM

City Council FINALLY Ratifies Coalition of City Unions Contract Despite Budget Deficit Concerns

A 9.7% Raise Sounds Pretty Good Until You Hear Cops Could Get 23%

Music Thu 1:58 PM

I Joined a Cult at the Oneohtrix Point Never Show

Producer Daniel Lopatin’s Eerily Turbulent Melodies Created a Group Sensory Hallucination

Elections 2024 Apr 9 11:24 AM

Washington State Democrats Could Win Supermajorities in 2024

Supermajorities + Democratic Governor = Power to Fix the State Constitution

Music Apr 1 3:05 PM

Colombian Trio BALTHVS Turned Easter Into a Psychedelic Feast at Barboza

And Keep Tabs on Seattle Funk Brothers Midpak

News Apr 11 11:29 AM

Doggy Day Care Workers Bite Back After a Ruff Eight Months at the Bargaining Table

Sit! Stay! Roll Over to Worker Demands, Downtown Dog Lounge!

Music Tue 5:41 PM

Absurdity Slaps

Matmos' Dadaistic, Smithsonian-Approved Music Tickled Ears at Here-After

News Apr 2 9:00 AM

SPD Detective Under Investigation for Pulling Over Metro Bus Driver

A Passenger Took a Viral Video of the Incident

News Mar 15 3:43 PM

Seattle Floats Subsidized Housing for Cops in the Face of a Homelessness Crisis, a Huge Budget Deficit, and a Million Other Actual Problems

Other Cities Have Tried Paying for Cop Housing, and It Doesn’t Appear to Reel 'Em In 

Better, Stronger, Faster

The Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra Pays Tribute to the Legendary Oliver Nelson