Seattle Sticker Patrol: Attention Potterheads

Savage Love

Savage Love

Picture Books

This Week's Comics: Sometimes Sleeping Beauty Has to Rescue Herself

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Bros Isn’t the First Gay Rom-Com, but It Is One of the Best

Beatlemania, Except for 21st-Century Japanese Psych-Rock

Kikagaku Moyo End Their Career on the Highest Note Possible

Economy Sep 26 2:51 PM

Seattle Times' Danny Westneat Says Tips Are Too Damn High

Why Didn't Someone—or Something—Stop Him from Writing That Column?

News Sep 27 5:52 PM

Very Little for Progressives in Mayor Harrell's 2023-2024 Budget

It Refunds SPD, Underinvests in Ending Pedestrian Deaths, But It’s Like 80% There on the Green New Deal

Theater Sep 23 2:03 PM

A Broadway Show for the Boomers

The Cast of The Griswolds’ Broadway Vacation Elevates the Show above the Script

Film/TV Sep 23 5:11 PM

Have Fun, Stay Single

Read The Stranger’s Review of Singles from 1992

News Sep 21 9:30 AM

Animal Rights Activists Oppose Seattle’s Proposed Shark Jail

Maybe We Could Use the Millions for Housing Instead?

Health Sep 21 9:00 AM

There's an App for That

How One Seattle Doctor Used Grindr to Help Patients Get Vaccinated for Monkeypox

Fall Arts 2022 Sep 20 10:00 AM

Tish Gallow Keeps Black Music Alive in Columbia City

The local concert promoter sits down with Charles Mudede to talk about Whitney Houston, Beatwalk, and her big plans for fall

Film/TV Sep 27 3:01 PM

Vesper Is a Superb Science-Fiction Film

Even the Trees Are Monstrous, with Bark That Breathes Like Animals

Dance Sep 27 2:08 PM

Pacific Northwest Ballet Celebrates 50 Years with a Stunning Opener

The Company Didn't Look a Day Over 25

Music Sep 22 12:58 PM

How Seattle Became Willing Slaves to Grace Jones's Rhythms

The star reminded us why freaks of many stripes worship her during last night's performance at the Moore

Film/TV Sep 23 3:51 PM

Nothing in the Star Wars Universe Is as Beautiful as Andor

Finally, a Star Wars Series for People Who Aren't Star Wars Fans