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Savage Love

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This Week's Comics: An Old West Murder Mystery on Mars

Stranger Suggests

Stranger Suggests: A John Waters Christmas, The Wiz, Holiday Drink Week, Leather Pics with Santa, Soccer Mommy

I, Anonymous

Motorcycle Madness


Seattle Sticker Patrol: Let's Assess Our Chaos Levels

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Music Nov 17 11:15 AM

Tegan and Sara Can't Slow Down

Tegan Quin Talks About Uncovering a New Creative Process and Sitting in Ugly Green Rooms Ahead of This Weekend's Sold-Out Show at the Neptune

Visual Art Mon 9:11 AM

Joe Rudko's Abstract Reflections

The Stranger's Artist of the Week

Guest Rant Nov 9 9:09 AM

$19 Is the New $15: Lessons from Tukwila’s Minimum Wage

Now’s the Time to Raise the Wage Floor Across King County

News Nov 15 10:31 AM

Care, Not Cops

Following School Shooting, Students Eye $9 Million Cut to Seattle Police Department to Pay for Counselors

Film/TV Nov 11 3:58 PM

Wakanda Forever's Promising Setup Fizzles

But the Film Does Get Some Things Right, Including How It Handles the Death of Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman

The Last Word Nov 10 1:15 PM

The Amalfi Breeze at Serafina

Grab a Friend and Talk Shit over This Citrusy-Herbal Dream

Sports Fri 5:40 PM

The Madness of Nationalism Celebrated at the World Cup

Just Something to Think About While You Watch Soccer This Weekend

News Nov 21 3:49 PM

A “Debate about Nothing”

The Meaningless Fight about Where to House Seattle's Parking Cops Is Over ... for Now

News Nov 15 5:10 PM

"You're Not Gonna Bust It"

Prosecutors Allege Routine Teenage Fight Led to Ingraham Shooting

News Nov 17 10:54 AM

Seattle’s Unhoused Feel Unheard in the City’s Budget Process

They Demand Safe Lots and an End to Sweeps, but They Don’t Think They’ll Get It

News Nov 15 1:07 PM

Budget Crunch Forces Compromise on Seattle's Public Safety Budget

City Council, Mayor Largely Agree on Police Funding

News Nov 22 10:28 AM

Council Rejects Progressive Tax Increase to Fill $140 Million Budget Hole

Shelters, Sidewalks, and Bridge Maintenance Will Have to Wait

Music Nov 15 11:49 AM

Scenes From Freakout Festival 2022: Os Mutantes, No Age, Vondré, Automatic, Sgt. Papers, and More

Highlights and Trippy Lights from this Weekend's Four-Day Festival

News Nov 23 10:56 AM

The Starbucks Union-Busting Playbook

Workers Say Starbucks Uses Long-Ignored Problems as an Excuse to Close Stores

Visual Art Nov 21 6:00 AM

Wokeface Wants You to Be Happy

The Stranger's Artist of the Week