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Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do This Weekend

100 Last-Minute Events Under $10 for Aug 16-18, from Hempfest to the Belltown Block Party

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Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do This Weekend

100 Last-Minute Events Under $10 for Aug 16-18, from Hempfest to the Belltown Block Party

Festivals to Check Out This Weekend

34 Festivals in Every Genre, from the Seattle Tattoo Expo to Hempfest

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Mysteries of Menopause

Let's just say it hasn't turned out the way I expected.

Now That Megan Rapinoe Has Your Attention...

Here's what Seattle's soccer sensation is fighting for.

Powerful, Unprecedented, and Pregnant

The only two citywide Seattle City Council seats are held by expecting mothers.

Her Majesty of the Seattle Food Scene

Forget about Tom Douglas. Renee Erickson is the restauranteur you need to know.

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The Rolling Stones Live—Not Sucking in Their 70s

The Stones kicked ass in a football stadium last night, albeit with a setlist that rarely went beyond the most obvious hits.

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Federal Way Voters Will Consider Legalizing Pot Shops

In Federal Way, allowing in pot shops is sort of like inviting in the devil. They've been banned there for years.

The Woman Who Runs Weed Policy in Washington State

Vicki Christophersen is the most powerful person in the legal pot industry.

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If You Go to SAM's Victorian Radicals with the Wrong Mind-Set, You Will Not Be Amazed by It

The Seattle Times critic did not go with the right mind-set.

Looking Back on 100 Instances of Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Rape

Chavisa Woods's memoir presents a horrific and at-times-hilarious queer woman's journey through the swamps of sexism.

Is Having a Baby Bad for the Planet?

Two talented actors hash it out in Lungs.

Art and Performance Summer 2019 »

DoNormaal's Not-So-Normal Hip-Hop

The hottest rapper in Seattle doesn't sound like any of the others.

Another Subversive Play by One of the Most Exciting Playwrights in the Country

A conversation with Yussef El Guindi about People of the Book, which makes its world debut at ACT this September.

There's a New THING at Fort Worden

A festival in Port Townsend from the guy who started Sasquatch!

High Fashion in Old Hollywood in This Summer Film Series

SIFF puts the spotlight on the costumers behind classics like Singin' in the Rain and The Women.

Green Guide Spring 2019 »

The Little-Known Story of Marijuana Legalization

How billionaire George Soros and a few of his friends gave us bongs full of legal weed.

The Weed Growers Who Also Breed Falcons

How Falcanna conquered the boutique cannabis market.

Medical Marijuana Would Have Saved My Brother's Life

Jim Belushi talks about his weed farm, SNL, cannabis as a spark for creativity, and his brother John.

Food & Drink Guide 2019 »

The Stranger's Guide to Food & Drink 2019: Dining Around the Clock

Where you can eat in Seattle at any time of day.

Seattle's Favorite Original Coffee Roasters

Get a taste of the city at these Seattle originals.

Seattle's Favorite Breakfast & Brunch Spots

Make your first meal of the day a great one. Reader's Choice winner included.

Il Corvo, Manu's Bodega, and More of The Stranger's Favorite Places to Get Lunch in Seattle

Where to get lunch at typical lunch prices. Reader's Choice winner included!