Censorship Is Choosing a Side

The King County Bar Association’s Director Should Step Down After Removing Pro-Palestine Op-Ed


The Top 41 Events in Seattle This Week: Feb 19–25, 2024

Seattle Asian American Film Festival, Mahalia, and More Top Picks

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Stranger Suggests: Valentine's Dessert Night, HUMP! Film Festival, Madonna, Some Stars of Native American Comedy

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Savage Love

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Stoned & Starving with Mirrorgloss

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Mon 2:02 PM

Leave Madonna Alone

The Queen of Pop’s Celebration Tour Is a Love Letter to Fans, Foes, and the Queer Community

Music Jan 31 11:30 AM

Two Seattle Music Shops in Crisis Mode

Patchwerks and the Trading Musician Are Struggling to Stay Plugged In—Can the Music Community Afford to Lose Them?

News Feb 6 11:00 AM

New Social Housing Initiative Would Tax Business to Fund Up to 2,500 Over 10 Years

A Corporate Takeover and Some Millionaire’s Pet Project Won’t Stop House Our Neighbors' Quest for Progressive Revenue

Tech Feb 9 10:45 AM

What If AI Becomes Less Racist than American Society?

It's Already Starting to Happen

Guest Rant Jan 26 9:00 AM

Sara Nelson and “Good Governance”

For Seattle’s New Council President, “Good Governance” Means Republican Rhetoric and Cuts to Social Services 

News Jan 26 5:24 PM

Mistrial for 'Stop the Sweeps' Protester Charged with Standing on RV for 12 Minutes

City Attorney Wastes Money on Three-Day Trial, and May Waste More

News Feb 15 11:27 AM

Prosecutors File No Charges Against Pro-Palestine Protesters

SPD Still Investigating Protesters but May Have Overreacted

News Feb 6 9:00 AM

Prominent LGBTQ+ Community Members Call for Alcohol in Strip Clubs

It Just Doesn't Make Sense to Allow Nudity Around Alcohol but Not Alcohol Around Nudity

News Feb 9 10:12 AM

SPD Is Having Trouble Retaining Women Officers

A List of Lawsuits and Complaints May Contain Some Clues to This Mystery

News Feb 14 10:50 AM

Washington State House Passes Rent Stabilization Bill

Consider Encouraging Your Senator to Support the Proposal This Weekend at a Town Hall Near You

Dance Feb 5 9:30 AM

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Swan Lake Lives Up to the Hype

Leta Biasucci Soared as the Swan Queen on Opening Night

Music Feb 12 1:00 PM

Damo Suzuki, Vocalist for Krautrock Legends Can, Has Died

His Unique Singing Elevated Three of the Greatest Albums Ever

News Jan 30 11:52 AM

What Would Washington’s Parents Rights Initiative Do?

Nothing, or Nothing Good, Experts Say

Music Feb 14 12:53 PM

A Treasure Trove of Crocodile Concerts and The Rocket Archives Go Online

The Dream of the 80s, 90s, and 00s Is Alive at Your Local Library