Film/TV Jul 27 12:48 PM

A Potent, Strange Celebration of Movies is Brewing in North Bend

The Fifth Annual North Bend Film Festival is Bringing in Some Heavy Hitters

Music Aug 12 3:45 PM

Cate Kennan’s Serene Synth Dreams and Gel-Sol’s Oddly Jaunty Library Music

The Best New Music to Hit My Inbox This Week

Aug 5 5:11 PM

DOMi and JD Beck + Herbie Hancock’s “Moon” and ZAZAZ’s “Treatment”

The Best New Music to Hit My Inbox This Week

News Aug 5 2:33 PM

Seattle's Crackdown on Low-Level Crime Targets the Poor, Mentally Ill

The City’s Quest for “Accountability” Also Reinforces Systemic Racism

News Aug 4 11:45 AM

Racial Equity Advocates Like Seattle’s Newly Proposed Political Boundaries. Magnolia Residents Do Not.

Splitting “Historically Important” Magnolia Could Weaken Conservative Political Power

Film/TV Aug 4 2:49 PM

How Hard Could It Be to Ref a Second Grade Basketball Game?

Locally Made Short Film the Ref Explores the Many Surprising Difficulties

News Aug 9 5:07 PM

Seattle Continues Shoring Up Abortion Protections Post-Roe

The Laws Are Useful, Despite Nonsense from Right-Wing Commenters

Food & Drink Aug 10 4:23 PM

Quick! Celebrate Iced Coffee Season Before It Ends

My Blood is Now Milk and Caffeine. Join Me.

News Aug 2 4:39 PM

Seattle Ends Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers During a COVID-19 Surge (Again)

Very Progressive Vote from a Very Progressive Council

Music Aug 2 4:01 PM

Portland Label Launches Major Reissue for Thinking Fellers Union Local 282

They’re One of America’s Most Extraordinary—and Effortlessly Weird—Rock Bands

Film/TV Aug 1 5:28 PM

Lieutenant Uhura and the Death of American Progress

On Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols Inhabited a Hopeful Future. It Has Not Come to Pass

News Aug 12 9:45 AM

How to Win a Primary in Seattle with Only $70,000

And How Darya Farivar Plans to Win Again in November

Queer Aug 11 2:26 PM

Transphobic Bullying Incident Prompts Port Townsend YMCA to Ban Member

As Conservative Media Goes Nuts, Residents Rally in Support of Trans-Inclusivity