Savage Love

Savage Love


This Week in Worker Conquests

I, Anonymous

Get Your Own Damn Husbands


Seattle Sticker Patrol: Are You Really Scraping Stickers?

Stranger Suggests

Stranger Suggests: Evan Flory-Barnes, Aubrey Gordon with Lindy West, Safeword at Kremwerk, a Lunar New Year Food Walk, Anthony White, Monyee Chau's Lunar New Year Installation

An Interview With Annalee Newitz

"I Love Hearing the Opinions of Worms and Cats"

Seattle City Council Member Tammy Morales Announces Reelection Campaign

So Far, She's One of Only Two Incumbents Who Wants to Keep Her Job

Books Jan 27 11:11 AM

An Interview With Aubrey Gordon

“I Hope This Is a Book That Becomes Obsolete Very Quickly.”

Elections 2023 Jan 26 9:00 AM

Vote Yes on Initiative 135

Is It Perfect? No! Is It Worth a Shot? Fuck Yeah!

News Jan 27 8:00 AM

Assistant Attorney General Sarah Reyneveld Is Running for King County Council

She Hopes to Replace Outgoing Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles in District 4

News Jan 25 2:26 PM

Central District Resident Joy Hollingsworth Is Running for City Council

She Wants to Bring Her Perspective as a Black Queer Woman to City Hall

Sex Jan 23 2:23 PM

Natalie Wall Brings Awkward Sex to Seattle

"It’s very silly. We just want to show how crazy sex is."

Music Jan 27 10:00 AM

Taylar Elizza Beth Is an Undercover Lovergirl

The Seattle Musician's New Record With WD4D Explores the Messier Side of Healing

City Jan 19 11:11 AM

End of an Era

Sawant Showed Seattle What Was Possible (Even When No One Listened)

Guest Rant Jan 27 9:30 AM

Seattle Needs Money

We Should Pass These Progressive Taxes Tomorrow

News Jan 25 10:18 AM

Supreme Court Ruling Could Allow Washington to Tax the Rich

Will the Justices Choose the Idiotic, the Cowradly, or the Bold Path Foward???

Visual Art Tue 9:30 AM

Kevin Muñoz’s Scenic Serenity

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Music Jan 13 3:11 PM

The Kraken Bar & Lounge Is Closing in March

"Music Is Supposed to Be a Big Part of Seattle, but There’s No Space for It"

News Jan 26 6:00 AM

Urbanist Alex Hudson Enters Council Race to Replace Sawant


Music Jan 25 2:50 PM

Sonic Guild Announces 2022 Grant Recipients

Here Are the 10 Bands and Artists Who Got $8,000 Just for Being Great

Elections 2023 Tue 7:30 AM

Urbanist Ron Davis Announces Campaign for City Council

Roosevelt Resident Wants to Fight for Density and Progressive Revenue in City Hall

Food & Drink Jan 26 12:10 PM

It’s Khao Soi Season, Motherfuckers

I Made Three of My Friends Try the Best Soup in History. They All Loved It and So Will You.

Food & Drink Jan 10 11:30 AM

What If Amazon Installed the Pink Lusty Lady Sign Instead of the Pink Elephant?

Something to Think about While Eating a Lobster Roll