I, Anonymous

Greedy Gardeners

Play Date

Losing My Bearings with Cascade Orienteering Club

Stranger Suggests

Stranger Suggests: The Church, Suzhou River, Worriers, Typhoon Club, Scarecrowber

Stoned & Starving

Stoned & Starving with Jamie Felton

Savage Love

“Dear Dan, Teach Me to Talk Dirty.” (Magnum Guest: Thomas Negovan of Caligula MMXX)

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Seattle Considers Staggering Elections

The Proposal Will Likely Die Thanks to the Very Issue It Seeks to Combat

News Wed 11:15 AM

Man Loses Nearly Half His Body Weight in King County Jail Custody

His Mother Blames “Negligence” as Jail Continues to Struggle with Staffing

News Sep 26 3:47 PM

Business Bestie Mayor Harrell Ignores Gaping Hole in the Budget

The Mayor Presents No Vision for Digging the City Out of Budgetary Despair

Music Sep 5 5:40 PM

Cute Cats and Crying Clowns: Saturday at Bumbershoot

We Spent the First Day of the Festival Watching the Dip, Slift, Thunderpussy, Wimps, Ride, Bumbermania Wrestling, AFI, and a Cat Circus That Wasn't Much of a Circus at All but Was Still Very Cute

Elections 2023 Sep 21 10:13 AM

How Local Political Consultants Make Their Money

The Money’s in the Mailers, but the Victory Might Not Be

Sports Thu 11:05 AM

From Aberdeen to All Elite

Wrestler Bryan Danielson Returns to the Northwest in His Final Run

Elections 2023 Sep 13 11:00 AM

Rebecca Saldaña Jumps into Weirdly Crowded Race for Lands Commissioner

The Winner Gets to Be Washington's Very Own Landlord

Music Sep 21 1:05 PM

Gaye Su Akyol’s Wednesday Night Show Was a Thrilling Celebration of Turkey’s Deep Musical History

(Confidential to Nectar: It Might Be Time to Toss the Smoke Machine)

Dance Sep 25 10:47 AM

Fun, Hot, and Foppish

Go See Petite Mort at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Music Sep 5 9:10 PM

Rain, Witches, and Haunted Garage Punk: Sunday at Bumbershoot

Rain Didn't Stop Us From Seeing True Loves, Beverly Crusher, Shannon and the Clams, Spirit Award, THEM, Temples, Descendents, and Jawbreaker (and Hearing Secrets from Friendly Some Witches)

Music Sep 26 3:00 PM

Help Your Favorite Local Musicians Get $10,000

Sonic Guild Nominations are Open to the Public Through October 3

News Sep 8 10:17 AM

Judge Blames “Defund” and Cop Shows for Problems with Seattle Policing

The City’s Consent Decree Is Now More Conservative Than Biden’s DOJ

Guest Rant Sep 21 12:20 PM

From Grief to Action

#JusticeForJaahnavi Means Solidarity Against Expanding Failed Public Safety Strategies

Music Sep 26 4:35 PM

Froese in Time

Tangerine Dream Often Conjured the Cosmic Grandeur of Their Late Founder at the Neptune

Cops Sep 19 9:00 AM

Seattle Police Officer Probably Won’t Get Fired for Laughing about Jaahnavi Kandula’s Death

As Long as This Union Has a Say in Accountability, Bad Cops Won’t See Consequences

Economy Sep 22 10:15 AM

Let's Seriously Talk About Tipping

Why Don’t We Pay Everyone Wages That Match the Costs of Living?

Music Sep 26 11:30 AM

A DJ's DJ Bar

Ballard's Shibuya Hi-Fi Aims to Elevate the Listening and Drinking Experience

News Sep 22 9:00 AM

Seattle Police Officer Hurls Racist Slur at Chinese-American Neighbor

Audio Captures a Cop and His Wife Arguing with the Neighbor, Who Is an Elderly School Bus Driver

News Sep 6 1:17 PM

After 11 Years of Federal Oversight, Judge Rules SPD Mostly Compliant but Declines to End Entire Consent Decree

Chief Adrian Diaz on the Ruling: "This Might Be the End of the Beginning"

News Sep 20 11:30 AM

City Workers Rally Their Asses Off

After a Year at the Bargaining Table, the City Is Still Only Offering Workers a Pay Cut