Food Fighters

Many of Seattle’s Successful Indie Food and Drink Businesses Survived the Pandemic, Only to Close in Recent Months as Landlords Opt for Chains and Established Names

Stranger Suggests

Stranger Suggests: 'Neptune Frost,' March for Trans Lives, Cambodian Barbecue Block Party, Punk Rock Flea Market, Low Tribute Night

I, Anonymous

Bad Vibes

Savage Love

Savage Love

Play Date

Play Date: A Day of Jigging with Seattle Irish Dance Company

Stoned & Starving

Stoned & Starving with Michael Freiburger of Satanik Royalty Records

A Cartoon Colon Pathway to Seattle’s Future

Seattle’s Weirdest Arcade Game Is a Butt-Shaped Iceberg of a Larger Tech-Arts Movement

Everybody Played Everything

Post-Rock Legends Tortoise Wowed with a Double-Vibraphone Attack

News Mar 20 11:42 AM

Tenant Dead, Sheriff’s Detective Shot After Eviction Attempt in Ballard

The Cop Is Reportedly in "Critical but Stable" Condition

Architecture Mar 24 4:17 PM

New First Hill Tower Shows Affordable Housing Doesn't Have to be Ugly

Beautiful Buildings Aren't Just for Rich People

Visual Art Mon 8:00 AM

Sarah More’s Steady Meditations

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Food & Drink Mar 23 11:15 AM

Milk Bar Finally Comes to the Pacific Northwest

Christina Tosi's Dessert Dreamland Opens Grab-and-Go Counter in Bellevue Square Mall

Stoned & Starving Mar 16 10:15 AM

Stoned & Starving with Michael Freiburger of Satanik Royalty Records

Smoking K-Savage’s Lilac Wine and Eating Pho Than Brothers Pho

Transportation Mar 13 4:58 PM

Why Seattle Doesn't Give a Fuck About Pedestrians

Cars Have Become an Excuse for State-Sanctioned Lawlessness

News Mar 22 4:11 PM

Big Business Wants a Three-Year Tax Break

So Glad These People Have a Hand in Recommending Future Progressive Taxes!

Music Mar 16 4:37 PM

I’m Sad That Seattle’s Sunless, Wet, and Cold Days Are Coming to an End

Meteorologists Say Tomorrow Will Be Sunny and 60 Degrees. How Awful.

Music Mar 15 3:40 PM

Light It PUP

PUP Has Some Surprises in Store for This Week's Showbox Shows and We Spoil Them All

Film/TV Mar 10 11:39 AM

The True Meaning of Communism in Last of Us

You Can’t Escape It, Even in the Zombie Apocalypse

Music Mar 23 7:51 AM

Bumbershoot Announces 2023 Music Lineup

Sleater-Kinney! Jawbreaker! Sunny Day Real Estate! Brittany Howard! Bomba Estéreo! Descendents! So Many More!

News Mar 20 11:45 AM

The Downtown Jail Is Overflowing

Activists Demand Closure as the County Moves to Shuffle Prisoners

Music Mar 20 2:27 PM

Where Angels Hover

Robyn Hitchcock Blessed Seattle With a Quirky Career Overview at Neptune

Guest Rant Mar 22 10:30 AM

End Washington’s Racist ‘Superpredator’ Laws

As a Judge, I Know the Untold Harms of These Laws

Food & Drink Mar 24 1:54 PM

Karuna Long Is Serving Cambodian Deep Cuts at Oliver’s Twist—But He Needs Your Help

His Dream Project, Sophon, Will Expand on His Unique-to-Seattle Menu of Innovative Khmer Dishes

Money Mar 15 5:22 PM

Yes, the SVB Bailout Is Socialism for the Rich

If a Bank Can’t Do Something as Basic as Secure Deposits, Why Do We Have Banks in the First Place?

Visual Art Mar 20 9:47 AM

Fred Lisaius’s Natural Reverence

The Stranger’s Artist of the Week

Animals Mar 13 3:00 PM

Motley Zoo Is Saving Local Animals One Rockstar at a Time

You Could Adopt the Cat Who Met Snoop Dogg