Savage Love

Savage Love

Stranger Suggests

Stranger Suggests: Jackson's Catfish Corner, Linda From Work, Giselle, Punch-Drunk Love, Silent Film Mondays

I, Anonymous

Pissed Pedestrian


This Week in Worker Conquests


Seattle Sticker Patrol: Are You Really Scraping Stickers?

An Interview with John Early

“I’m Totally in Love with Peter Falk. I Feel Like He’s My Boyfriend Right Now.”

A Sneak Peek at Interstitial Volume

Henry Jackson-Spieker's In-Progress Show at MadArt Explores the Knotty Tension of Being a Body

Stranger Comics Mon 10:20 AM

New Comic: It's Me, Hi, I'm the Problem, It's Me

Wait, How Did Everyone Find Out about Artusi’s Sick-Ass Pasta Night?

News Feb 1 9:43 AM

Seattle City Council Member Tammy Morales Announces Reelection Campaign

So Far, She's One of Only Two Incumbents Who Wants to Keep Her Job

Music Feb 3 10:25 AM

Bring the Noise

From Death Metal to Power Violence, Here Are Five Local Bands Worth the Eardrum Destruction

Books Jan 27 11:11 AM

An Interview With Aubrey Gordon

“I Hope This Is a Book That Becomes Obsolete Very Quickly.”

Elections 2023 Jan 26 9:00 AM

Vote Yes on Initiative 135

Is It Perfect? No! Is It Worth a Shot? Fuck Yeah!

Elections 2023 Feb 2 9:30 AM

Teresa Mosqueda Announces King County Council Campaign

And She's Coming In Swinging With Nearly 90 Endorsements

News Jan 25 2:26 PM

Central District Resident Joy Hollingsworth Is Running for City Council

She Wants to Bring Her Perspective as a Black Queer Woman to City Hall

Sex Jan 23 2:23 PM

Natalie Wall Brings Awkward Sex to Seattle

"It’s very silly. We just want to show how crazy sex is."

Music Jan 27 10:00 AM

Taylar Elizza Beth Is an Undercover Lovergirl

The Seattle Musician's New Record With WD4D Explores the Messier Side of Healing

Elections 2023 Feb 3 9:00 AM

The YIMBY vs PHIMBY Battle in Seattle

Progressive Housing Divide Cracks Open a Little in City Council Race

Food & Drink Feb 2 9:58 AM

Beth’s Is Back, Baby!

After Suddenly Closing in 2021, Seattle’s Most Hallowed Breakfast Sanctuary Has Reopened

News Jan 25 10:18 AM

Supreme Court Ruling Could Allow Washington to Tax the Rich

Will the Justices Choose the Idiotic, the Cowradly, or the Bold Path Foward???

Music Jan 13 3:11 PM

The Kraken Bar & Lounge Is Closing in March

"Music Is Supposed to Be a Big Part of Seattle, but There’s No Space for It"

Music Feb 3 12:45 PM

Ten Pacific Northwest Picks for Bandcamp Friday February 2023

New Releases, Reissues, Dance Tracks, and Wordless Scores from Portland and Seattle

News Jan 26 6:00 AM

Urbanist Alex Hudson Enters Council Race to Replace Sawant


Music Jan 25 2:50 PM

Sonic Guild Announces 2022 Grant Recipients

Here Are the 10 Bands and Artists Who Got $8,000 Just for Being Great

Elections 2023 Jan 31 7:30 AM

Urbanist Ron Davis Announces Campaign for City Council

Roosevelt Resident Wants to Fight for Density and Progressive Revenue in City Hall