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Meddling in the Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism

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I Saw U: Ordering Pu-ehr Tea at Victrola, Taking My Picture at Linda's, Wearing Black and Gold at Monkey Loft

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Stranger Suggests: Indigo De Souza, Day In Day Out, Nikki McClure: Something About the Sky, Composition / Decomposition at SOIL, the Ten Pillars of Beacon

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Savage Love

News Jul 9 4:09 PM

Council Member Tanya Woo Decries Graffiti Targeting Her in the CID as Hateful

The Graffiti Reads: “Fuck Tanya Woo Get Her Out!” “Tanya Woo Hates Black People,” and Tanya Woo Is [indecipherable]

News Jun 14 4:45 PM

Mayor Rolls Back Funding for Mental Health Support in Schools After Garfield Shooting

Students Demand the City Spend the $20 Million They Promised, Mayor Says It’s Not “Feasible”

War May 14 4:43 PM

War, Gaza Strip, and the Communicability of Pain

Everyone Should be Capable of Imagining Palestinians' Suffering–Here’s Why Some Can't

News Jun 18 10:31 AM

“We’re Making It Work”

Seattle Librarians Slog Through Cyber Attack Fallout

News Jul 2 9:00 AM

SCOTUS Ruling Won’t Change How Seattle Sweeps, Which Is Not a Flex

Seattle May Not Fine Unhoused People, but They Sure Will Keep Pushing Them Around!

Person of Interest: Taha Ebrahimi

Seattle’s Coolest Street Tree Expert

News Jun 3 12:33 PM

Kent Police to Sweep 200 Migrants Sleeping Outside of Empty Hotel

“They Would Rather Send Us to Jail Than to a Shelter.”

Guest Rant Jun 27 9:00 AM

Mad about School Closures? Blame Our State Supreme Court.

Washington Voters Must Elect Judges Willing to Allow the Legislature to Amply Fund Education

News May 21 9:00 AM

Is Washington Getting Its Own Cop City?

Potential for Militarization at New Lacey Training Center Spurs Concerns

Guest Rant May 15 10:00 AM

Help Us Make Social Housing a Success in Seattle

Housing Is a Human Right and a Powerful Green New Deal Solution

Sports Jul 9 7:30 AM

Seattle Is Getting a New Women’s Soccer Team

Ballard FC Leadership Is Partnering with Seattle Reign Players, Seattle Storm Leadership, and Others to Bring Semi-Pro Women’s Soccer to Seattle

Economy Jun 19 10:18 AM

Billionaires Are Betting Big on Seattle’s Space Industry

The Cosmic and the Commercial Cannot Be Separated

Queer May 15 9:00 AM

What Biden’s New Title IX Rules Mean for Trans Athletes in Washington

State Law Already Protects Them, but Federal Protections Would Be Cool

Bad Apples May 14 1:51 PM

Bad Apples

Seattle Police Officers Dismiss Domestic Violence, Unjustifiably Tase a Person, and Drive Drunk (Again)

Opera Jun 27 12:05 PM

Fandom of the Opera

See Drag Queen Anita Spritzer Perform in One of Seattle’s Gayest Non-Gay Institutions Thursday

Music Jun 17 9:00 AM

Remember When Seattle Was a Real Life Footloose?

New Podcast Remembers Seattle's Battle for All-Ages Music

Furry May 10 12:51 PM

All Aboard the Furry Cruise

A Historic Steamship Trip for the Fandom

Seattle's Only News Quiz Jun 29 9:00 AM

Seattle's Only News Quiz

The Queer Issue Edition

Film/TV Jun 7 2:26 PM

Get Lost in TRANSlations

Seattle Film Festival Celebrates Trans Existence and Creativity This Weekend

Economy May 17 10:47 AM

Seattle's New Economy Is No Different from the GOP's Old One

The City Keeps Throwing Money at Cops While Neglecting Education, Library Services

Guest Rant May 17 9:34 AM

Don’t Leave Communities Out of the Transportation Levy

Keeping BIPOC Communities in Place as Light Rail Expands Should Be a Key Component of the Seattle Transportation Levy