DEC 5, 2012


Silent Reading Party

Why: Miranda July is across town at Seattle Arts & Lectures tonight, but that’s been sold out forever. So what else is happening? The final Silent Reading Party of 2012. You bring whatever you feel like reading and read silently to yourself next to a roaring fire while waiters bring you things. Manhattans: $5. Special guests: Stranger music editor Emily Nokes and comrade in arms Bree McKenna. Bonus: A man named Will Bielawski will be rocking a harp from 7 to 8 p.m. (Sorrento Hotel, Fireside Room, 900 Madison St, 622-6400, 6–9 pm, free, all ages)

DEC 6, 2012


‘Ladies’ Choice’

Why: The sea of women-only art shows this season presents a new problem—rather than being spread healthily across the calendar, the artists born with vaginas are all showing at once right now. In your newly difficult deciding, try not to miss Ladies’ Choice at Greg Kucera Gallery. Women he represents are showing their works alongside pieces by women they themselves admire and selected: Quilter Loretta Bennett picked fellow quilter Qunnie Pettway. “Doll” painter Sherry Markovitz picked embroiderer Allison Manch. Alice Wheeler picked The Stranger’s Kelly O, and their pairing of photographs of a dressed-up “princess bubblegum” and a row of porn mannequins is devastating. Victoria Haven and Dawn Cerny teamed up and made art together. They adopted the name Daft Kuntz. (Greg Kucera Gallery, 212 Third Ave S,, 10:30 am–8 pm, free)

DEC 7, 2012


Wevers / Spaeth / Byrd

Why: This is the 10th year of Donald Byrd’s tenure as top dog at Spectrum Dance Theater. For the anniversary season’s studio show, Byrd has assembled a steamy-sounding lineup of sex and death: Crispin Spaeth’s Only You was choreographed as a tumbling, passionate valentine to its composer (and now Spaeth’s husband) Dale Sather. Back, sack and crack by Olivier Wevers is a suggestively titled “examination of sexuality” and “gender identity.” And Byrd’s A Meeting Place uses old instruments—the European lute and the Middle Eastern oud—“as a metaphor for cultures, weapons, and ideologies.” (Spectrum Dance Studio Theater, 800 Lake Washington Blvd,, 8 pm, $25, Nov 30–Dec 9)


The Cave Singers

Why: Ignore everything going on around you. Ignore the rain and the cold and the fact that your feet have been damp for the last 12 days. Relax your shoulders. Close your eyes. Let the Cave Singers’ warm folk rock songs about summers on the Jersey Shore take you away. Visualize yourself kicking the waves. As they play songs with soft, repetitive guitar riffs, picture yourself driving down an empty Southern road, fields of gold all around you. It’s dusk. There are fireflies. This will be the cheapest vacation you’ll take all winter. With Poor Moon and Rose Windows. (Showbox at the Market, 1426 First Ave,, 8 pm, $18 adv/$20 DOS, 21+)

DEC 8, 2012


Sexy Crazy Christmas at the Grand Illusion

Why: The Grand Illusion presents a night jam-packed with campy holiday delights. At 7 p.m., San Francisco’s Oddball Film + Video presents Christmas Mess, a 90-minute montage of films capturing the shamelessly commercialized nightmare of Jesus’s birthday. At 9 p.m., Scarecrow Video presents VHSXMAS II, a collection of rare Christmas footage—commercials, cartoons, montages, musical numbers—all drawn from Scarecrow’s VHS archives. At 11 p.m., Oddball returns with The Subject Is Sex, a 16 mm tour of cartoon smut, hygiene films, hillbilly porn, and “burlesque bits.” (Grand Illusion, 1403 NE 50th St,, 7 pm, $8 per film)

DEC 9, 2012


Get Married!

Why: Today brings the first day of legal same-sex marriage in Washington State. To celebrate, The Stranger has teamed with Mayor McGinn and the City of Seattle to turn City Hall’s gorgeous lobby into a full-service wedding site, complete with marriage-pronouncing judges (offering their services free of charge), beautiful pop-up “wedding chapels,” and more good vibes than you can imagine. Afterward, there's a humongous reception party at Q nightclub hosted by The Stranger’s Dan Savage and his husband, Terry Miller, and featuring a tearjerker first dance, goofy cake-cutting photos, and champagne toasts galore, along with the peerless DJ skills of Riz Rollins. Bring Kleenex. (Seattle City Hall, 600 Fourth Ave, 11 am–5 pm; Q, 1426 Broadway,, 6–10 pm, free, 21+)

DEC 10, 2012



Why: If the world were fair, Nouela Johnston’s name would be thrown around like Tori’s and Fiona’s. The local singer/pianist has the kind of voice that makes you burn with jealousy—it’s gorgeous and strong, with a bit of a haunted quality to it. And because she makes it look so easy, you will try to sing along, but you will fail to sound as good. Thankfully, her lyrics about not putting up with anyone’s bullshit will still empower you. Nouela’s music will make you feel like a classy badass. With Social Studies and Detective Agency. (Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St,, 8 pm, $8, 21+)

DEC 11, 2012


Ty Segall

Why: Ty Segall is a prolific wizard with can’t stop/won’t stop determination (restlessness? ADD?), mixing influence globs into his giant chaos cauldron, producing album after album of weird and awesome. Do you like the Stooges? Jay Reatard? T. Rex? Music? Then you might like this show. And by “might,” I mean “WILL.” Blazing with pleasant dissonance and aggressive melodies, Segall’s blend of glammed-up garage fuzz is perfect for pre-holiday raging like the month is December and the year is 2012! (Neumos, 925 E Pike St,, 8 pm, $12, 21+)

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