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Slog PM: Oh God, Another Orca Is Sick; Man Shot in Ass While Fishing; All of Delta's Flights Are Grounded

Not a live picture of Deltas planes right now.
Not a live picture of Delta's planes right now. JOE RAEDLE / GETTY

Oh god, not more orca news: It’s not good. It’s never good. These orcas, I swear. You’d think Shamu had it good. Another one of the southern residents’ pod is sick. This time it’s K25. I know what you’re thinking. Not K25! Yes. K25. He’s 27 and not looking good for his age. He’s thin, but not good-thin. Nope, he’s sick-thin. This is apparently because his mom (K13) died last year. But wait, it gets worse. At least three members of the pod are pregnant. Normally, that would be reason to rejoice. I mean, the whole thing is that these whales are dying off. But, we remember all too well what happened last time one of these gals had a baby. I don’t know if they can take it. J35, always in our thoughts.

Arsonist whose fire killed 4 Seattle firefighters released from prison: Martin Pang set a fire in a Seattle warehouse in 1995 to get an insurance payment, according to the Seattle Times. Four firefighters died fighting that fire. Pang will be released from prison on Thursday.

Man shot in the ass while fishing on Lake Washington: Fishing is already enough of a pain in the ass. It proved to be a literal one for a 36-year-old fisherman at Beer Sheva Park. He was shot at 12:30 a.m. by suspects who fled in a silver or gray SUV, according to witnesses. That probably scared away the fish. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center in satisfactory condition.

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Wenatchee World Publisher Equates Sexual Assault to Blaming Someone for Lost Keys

Some Wenatchee residents were not pleased with this op-ed.
Some Wenatchee residents were not pleased with this op-ed, so they protested in front of The Wenatchee World. Jim Allyn

On Monday The Wenatchee World's publisher, Jeff Ackerman, wrote the worst take on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination I have read to date.

Ackerman's headline is a jumble of dismissive cliches used to trivialize rape and sexual assault: Court of public opinion—Battle of the sexes: He said v. She said.

His argument is as dumb as it is familiar: "If the Senate does not confirm Brett Kavanaugh this week...we may as well do away with the Supreme Court and revert to the Court of Public Opinion." To support his thesis, he dusts off a bunch of old takes from last week. He complains about the lack of "due process" in a job interview, falsely claims the whole thing is a "he said/she said," questions the amount of time that has passed since the alleged incidents, expresses sympathy for "a great man" but none for the women Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulted, offers up several "who among us hasn't done x" excuses, and bemoans the "lack of evidence" while simultaneously arguing that calls for an FBI investigation are really just a conspiracy to delay the nomination. "It’s about Donald Trump and it wouldn’t matter if his nominee was Jesus," Ackerman writes. All of that, of course, is complete bullshit.

But then Ackerman goes a step further by adding a "humorous" list of 10 questions he thinks we'll need to screen the next person nominated to serve on the Supreme Court if Kavanaugh withdraws or doesn't get confirmed. The joke rests on the premise that shoving your dick in someone's face or attempting to rape someone is the same as opening a present before Christmas, losing keys and blaming someone else, and drinking alcohol underage.

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ICYMI: Brett Kavanaugh's Full Interview with Fox News About Sexual Assault Allegations

I'd seen news clips of this, but I hadn't sat down to watch the whole thing until earlier this afternoon. If you're in the same boat, you can watch it here:

On the one hand, if what he says is true—if these really are false accusations—that must be bewildering and upsetting. On the other hand, he talks almost literally like a wind-up toy that's been programmed to say four or five things, and he says them over and over again, no matter what the question is.

It's one of the weirdest interviews I've ever seen. I had a lot of feelings watching this, but "I believe him" was not one of them.

154 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do in Seattle This Week: Sept 25-30, 2018

If you think theme parks are kind of creepy on their own, prepare yourself for haunted houses and rides in the dark at Wild Waves Fright Fest this weekend.
If you think theme parks are kind of creepy on their own, prepare yourself for haunted houses and rides in the dark at Wild Waves Fright Fest, which starts this weekend.

Our arts critics have already recommended 78 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 43 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from the Seattle AIDS Walk & Picnic to the 8th Annual Dick's Drive-In Walkathon, and from Sea Otter Awareness Weekend to A Very Scary Misfit Cabaret. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

Stay in the know! Get all this and more on the free Stranger Things To Do mobile app (available for iOS and Android), or delivered to your inbox.


1. Craft Night: Macrame Plant Hanger
Add a touch of vintage cuteness to your apartment and make your own plant hanger.

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If Anything, Kremfest Was Too Successful for Its Own Good

A lot goes down inside these inconspicuous bricks.
A lot goes down inside these inconspicuous bricks. Kelly O

I’m an anxious host. When I throw a party, I constantly check on the snacks and refill the punch bowl. Sitting down to socialize? Forget it.

So it was much to my surprise that I saw Nick Carroll, the curator behind this past weekend’s Kremfest, drinking a beer and looking relaxed on Thursday night. Surely, I asked, he must be running around like a chicken with his head cut off?

“Nah, the hard work is over,” he told me, nodding along to the beat as TUF’s DJ Bricks warmed up for Detroit techno scion Robert Hood in Kremwerk’s cozy subterranean confines. “Now I can sit back and enjoy.”

Not so fast, I warned him. Throwing a festival is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Weekday Trumpdate: The U.N. Thinks Trump Is a Joke, Trump Calls Kavanaugh's Accusers a "Con Orchestrated by Democrats"

The funny part is Im laughing but I feel like Im crying.
The funny part is I'm laughing but I feel like I'm crying. NATE GOWDY

Well, I'm glad someone's laughing.

As Michael, our intern with a great cat, said this morning:

Audience at the United Nations General Assembly laughs at President Trump's insane remarks: Can anyone figure out what he says after, "In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country"? It sounds like he says, "Ameriker's so true." Then everyone laughs at him.

It wasn't all laffs. There were also threats. From CNN:

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Forty Years After Its Premiere, John Carpenter's Halloween Maintains Its Power

Who wouldve thought a repurposed Capt. Kirk mask could be so terrifying?
Who would've thought a repurposed Capt. Kirk mask could be so terrifying?

In the final trailer for David Gordon-Green's upcoming sequel to this film, the voice of Jamie Lee Curtis dramatically intones through whispery reverb that "40 years ago, on Halloween night, Michael Myers murdered three people."

The statement comes off as oddly comical now, after four decades under the Shape's hulking shadow, with thousands of bodies strewn across the sordid history of a genre he elevated to prominence—three seems like child's play. (Hell, Child's Play racked up a bigger body count.) But in John Carpenter's breakout film, the weight of those three deaths feels heavy indeed. Halloween is considered the father of the slasher, but Carpenter's film maintains its power because it doesn't really slash that much. It simmers, and stares, and slowly glides into menacing situations and abandons you there until the shadow of Michael Myers swallows you right up. That sort of thing seriously fucked people up in 1978. It still works pretty damned well in 2018.

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20 Events Where You Can Try Fresh Hop Beer in Seattle This Fall 2018

This year, local favorite Fremont Brewings fresh hop creations will be showcased at the Beer Junction, Brouwers Cafe, and Brave Horse Tavern, among other places.
This year, local favorite Fremont Brewing's fresh hop creations will be showcased at the Beer Junction, Brouwer's Cafe, and Brave Horse Tavern, among other places. Lester Black

It's the most wonderful time of the year for beer lovers: fresh hop season! As The Stranger's Lester Black explains, fresh hop beers are made from hops processed no more than 24 hours after being harvested, resulting in brews with a milder, more botanical profile and less bitterness. And Pacific Northwest craft beer drinkers are particularly blessed: Because of the bounty and proximity of the hops in Yakima Valley (which supplies 75% of the world's hop crop), it's hard to beat the range of fresh hop beers available in our region. These beers are only here for an extremely limited time, so we've rounded up a list of places where they're available so you can make the most of the all-too-fleeting season. For more food and drink inspiration, check out our full food and drink calendar.

SEPT 25 & 29
Hellbent Brewing Company
At the Meridian Fresh Hop IPA Release on Tuesday, be the first to try the IPA that Hellbent Brewing made with fresh Meridian hops from Coleman Agriculture, a sixth-generation family-owned farm near St. Paul, Oregon. Then, at Saturday's Hellbent Brewing Company, sip the Oktoberfest Märzen Lager and two fresh hop IPAs (Amarillo and Meridian IPAs), plus the Harvest Fresh edition of the DANG! Citra IPA while you dance along to the Tyler Hamilton Band and the Charles Street Messengers.
North Seattle

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They've Been Pulling Out for the Last Year and She's Not Pregnant—Is That a Bad Sign?


Originally published April 27, 2011.

I'm a 24-year-old straight guy. I've been with my girl for three years, and things are great — great sex life, great communication, etc. We have lots of sex — but for the last year or so, she has not been on birth control and we have not been using condoms. We're not against the idea of a child, but we aren't currently going for it. I was always told that pulling out was a 100 percent ineffective method of birth control. So my question is, I guess, could there be something wrong with one of us? How could we have unprotected sex for a year without getting her pregnant? We both really want children eventually and are worried it might not happen.

Sent From My iPhone

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Inbox Jukebox Track of the Day: A Psychedelicized Cover of John Coltrane's "Pursuance" by Mattson 2, Who Play Barboza Tonight

It takes Psalm nerve to cover A Love Supreme, but Mattson 2 deserve Acknowledgement.
It takes "Psalm" nerve to cover A Love Supreme, but Mattson 2 deserve "Acknowledgement." Mattson 2 Bandcamp

Mattson 2, "Pursuance" (Spiritual Pajamas)

The chutzpah! Identical LA-based twins Jared and Jonathan Mattson have covered John Coltrane's A Love Supreme—the 1965 album that's considered one of jazz's immutable masterpieces. They join a long list of artists who've taken stabs at the innovative, spiritual classic, including Alice Coltrane, Elvin Jones, John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana, Ballistic Brothers, Bobby Matos Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble, the Twilight Singers, and, uh, Gumball. What makes Mattson 2 stand out is their sheer audacity of tackling the whole blessed LP—and their belief that a couple of youngish white guys can do justice to it.

Certainly, jazz purists will wrinkle their noses at Mattson 2's rendition of A Love Supreme, but then jazz purists are notorious grumps who still think Miles Davis "sold out" with On the Corner, so fug 'em. Jonathan Mattson (drums, percussion, vocals) and Jared (electric guitar, loops, electric bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals) most closely follow in the giant steps of Mahavishnu McLaughlin and Devadip Santana with their electrified freakouts of these well-known compositions. Mattson 2 can't match those two deities' firepower and virtuosity (very few can), but they give a valiant attempt at their sort of transcendent re-imagining of Coltrane's magnum opus.

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Durkan's Austerity Budget Is All About How the Rich Oppress the Poor

Heiko Meier/gettyimages.com

You very well know that you live in one of the richest cities on earth, yet you have to hear your mayor, who claims to be progressive, present a budget that's informed by the "capitalist realism" of austerity. And so, while overabundance is apparently all around, we are ruled by an economic thinking that has the amazing ability to see through this tremendous wealth of stuff and see the thing-in-itself, wealth as value. There is never enough of this kind of value, which is purely metaphysical, to go around. It can only go upward. To protect the metaphysics of value, Durkan and her kind imagine economics to be "the science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses." We do not have enough, we are told. Money doesn't grow on trees, they point out. This is not the time for reckless spending, he or her says with the gravity of a rural pastor. But none of this has anything to do with science. It's at best a bad sermon. Gone are the pleasing visions of a heaven of wealth unlimited; it is the sublunar realm where wealth as value is always in critical condition. It's so precious. It's as scarce as a miracle.

Listen to Durkan preach:

“My budget is also rooted in a difficult reality: After years of significant growth, city revenue is reaching a plateau... So we have to live within our means. Is our economy still strong? You bet it is — with all the opportunity and challenges that a strong economy brings. But as we project city revenue out into the future, there are clouds on the horizon. We are entering a new era of budget realities–and my plan recognizes that we must reprioritize our budget so we can continue to invest in the things that matter most.”

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Convicted Felon Bill Cosby Is Going to Jail for Three to 10 Years

Bill Cosby being taken away in handcuffs today at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Pennsylvania.
Bill Cosby being taken away in handcuffs today at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Pennsylvania. Mark Makela/Getty Images

Though some 60 women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault—specifically of drugging and raping them—none of those accusations has resulted in prison time for Cosby, until today, when he was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for the assault of Andrea Constand in 2004. He will also be classified a "sexually violent predator" for the rest of his life.

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My Main Problem with Candy Corn Is That It's Disgusting

A reader sent me a gift. Yay.
A reader sent me a gift. Yay. CB

This week, a careful and generous reader of The Stranger sent me and Dan a giant bag of candy corn. The gift came with a note:

"Dear Dan and Rich,

I know how much you both love these. I hope you enjoy this gift as much as I am :P

Sincerely, Gwendolyn."

Okay, Gwendolyn. Let's do this.

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New Savage Lovecast With Lizz Winstead of The Daily Show!


Parents, hear this cautionary tale: A man has been in his loving, kinky, poly marriage for 21 years. His wife accidentally clicked the wrong button and synched up her super gnarly BDSM pics onto her 9-year-old daughter's phone. So now there's some 'splaining to do.

A woman lives in an apartment building in NYC. At first, her neighbor appeared to be really nice! Then he started sending her dick pics with his infant in the background.

On the Magnum:
"Honey? What would you like for your birthday?" This innocent question, asked by a 70-year-old woman of her 80-year-old husband was answered thusly: "Why, I would like 2 Asian ladies to bath me, please." (We added the "please" in this reenactment.) Godsmacked, Dan enlists the help of comedian, writer and creator of The Daily Show Lizz Winstead to help answer.

A snippet:

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