Where to Swim in Seattle?

Lake Washington, the mother of all swimming experiences in Seattle.
Lake Washington, the mother of all swimming experiences in Seattle. Kelly O

Whenever people ask me where I swim in Seattle, I tell them I go to the edge of the land and get in—everywhere. It's not like Los Angeles or Chicago, where the beaches are obvious. You need a guide to figure out where to go. But I'm convinced there is more water here than anywhere else in the world. I have so much to tell you.

This city has two public outdoor pools, eight public indoor pools, three lakes, and Puget Sound.

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First Immigrant Mother in Washington Reunited With Child

Yolany Padilla and her son, Jelsin, 6, have just been reunited. Padilla greets her attorney, Leta Sanchez (left), who fought for Padillas and Jelsin's reunification.
Yolany Padilla and her son, Jelsin, 6, have just been reunited. Padilla greets her attorney, Leta Sanchez (left), who fought for Padilla's and Jelsin's reunification. NG

At the airport, parents walked slightly behind their children, protective hands hovering at their backs as they made their way through the bustling crowds. They guided them toward the ticketing lines and through security, dodging the wheels of small rolling bags.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is in the height of its busiest season. Roughly 14.7 million people will flood through the airport this summer.

Today, one of those millions of passengers was Jelsin, a 6-year-old from Honduras who was separated from his mother two months ago when they crossed the U.S. southern border.

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The Party of the Summer is here!

Come to Sunset Supper at Pike Place Market on August 17th and revel in all that Seattle has to offer. Sip and savor the region’s best restaurants, wineries and distilleries on the Pike Place Market's cobblestones.
Spend the night dancing in the warm August breeze on the new MarketFront as the sun sets over the Puget Sound. Proceeds benefit our growing community of services.

Don’t miss out on the Party of the Summer, get your tickets today!

Did You Touch a Bat Last Night in a Men's Room in Woodinville? Here's How Not to Die

Any person or animal that touched or had contact with the bat or its saliva could be at risk of getting rabies, which is almost always fatal once symptoms begin, King County Public Health says.
"Any person or animal that touched or had contact with the bat or its saliva could be at risk of getting rabies, which is almost always fatal once symptoms begin," King County Public Health says. JasonOndreicka/Getty Images

We just got a press advisory from King County saying that "Cottage Lake Park staff found a bat that appears to have been handled in the park men’s restroom. The bat was released by park staff so we do not know if it has rabies. If you had any contact with a bat in a restroom in Cottage Lake Park, contact Public Health or your medical provider immediately."

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Where to Go for National Ice Cream Day: The 29 Best Places in Seattle

Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream in Ballard
Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream in Ballard Courtesy of Parfait

This Sunday, July 15, is National Ice Cream Day, and, while we understand that you may view it as a fake holiday and an excuse to sell more ice cream, we also know that ice cream is delicious and it's the perfect weather for it. So we're using this day as an excuse to remind you that, on our Things To Do calendar, there are comprehensive listings of Seattle ice cream shops, complete with recommendations from our critics. Below, we've also compiled their picks, plus, at the end of the list, a few ice cream-related events coming up.

Bluebird Ice Cream
Bluebird crafts wonderful, ultra-smooth small-batch ice cream in flavors like chocolate pudding, Elysian stout, and snickerdoodle, as well as an array of from-scratch sodas. Both are good on their own, but even better together in an ice cream float.
Multiple locations: Capitol Hill, Fremont & Phinney

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A Benefit To Save The Bands, Bars, Artists, People & Soul of Belltown

DO NOT MISS @RiseUpBelltown Monday July 23 a BENEFIT by the #HumansOfBelltown to SAVE the BANDS, the BARS the ARTISTS the PEOPLE & the SOUL of this arts & working class community in the heart of Seattle. Fight displacement for only $10! With LOCAL POLITICIANS and LIVE MUSIC and FREE FOOD from Pintxo, Buenes Aires Grill, and more! Live Tattooing, Live Painting, Burlesque, and more!

Get Tickets Here!

Starbucks Straw Ban Is Good PR but Will Do Less Than Nothing for the Planet

Look Ma! No straw!
Look Ma! No straw! Justin Sullivan/Getty

Starbucks' coffee may taste like the inside of a wood chipper but their PR is, once again, on point. The same month that Seattle's citywide ban on straws in eateries went into effect, The coffee mega giant announced that they will also be ditching single-use plastic straws in their 28,000 cafes around across the globe by 2020.

Sounds good, right? Straws aren't recyclable and there's the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to worry about, which is at least .000001 percent made up of the suckers. (Contrary to what many people think, the GPGP is more abandoned fishing gear than trash.) But, before you go nominating Starbucks for the Nobel, there's a couple problems with the straw ban we need to talk about.

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Last-Minute Plans: 115 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do In Seattle This Weekend: July 13-15, 2018

See GreenStages take on Henry IV, Wooden Os take on The Merry Wives of Windsor, and more plays at this weekends Seattle Outdoor Theater Festival at Volunteer Park.
See GreenStage's take on Henry IV, Wooden O's take on The Merry Wives of Windsor, and more plays at this weekend's Seattle Outdoor Theater Festival at Volunteer Park. Seattle Shakespeare

We've already compiled a list of 29 festivals happening this weekend, but, if some of those are out of your price range or you don't want to travel too far, we've still got you covered. Below, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from TUF FEST and DragonFest to Seafair events like Ballard SeafoodFest, West Seattle Summer Fest, and the Lucerne Seafair Milk Carton Derby. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Witches' Night Out Market
Gather your coven for a spooky witch- and metaphysical- themed market on Friday the 13th. You'll find artisans and mystical merchants, psychic readings and body workers, mini-lectures, community chats, and more.
(Ballard, free)

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Another Sign From Today's Protests In London


Thanks for sending the photo along, Shane!

29 Festivals in Seattle This Weekend: July 13-15, 2018

West Seattle Summer Fest will feature live music from the likes of Shannon and the Clams, beer gardens, and more.
West Seattle Summer Fest will feature live music from the likes of Shannon and the Clams, beer gardens, and more. Patrick Robinson

Festival season is at its peak, and this weekend is practically bubbling over with options for families, music and arts lovers, foodies, and people-watching enthusiasts. We've compiled all the big ways to fill the next few sunny days ahead, from food events like Ballard SeafoodFest and Kirkland Uncorked to out-of-town happenings like Selah's Lavender Harvest Days and the Vashon Summer Arts Fest to music festivals like TUF FEST and BIG BLDG RCRDS' the Bash. See this weekend's options below, and check out our festivals calendar for future events, or see our full list of cheap & easy things to do this weekend.


Redmond Arts Festival
Shop for jewelry, food, garments, and more from more than 80 designers as you listen to nine live bands and sip mimosas, beer, or wine in the garden.
Friday-Sunday, Redmond Town Center (Redmond)

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Skyscraper: The Rock Is Our New Arnold! All Hail the Rock!

Cant you see how hard Im straining here?
Dwayne Johnson: More Ahhnold than Ahhnold.

There's a scene in 2003's The Rundown in which Dwayne Johnson, finally in a big movie playing a character who's name didn't begin with "The Scorpion" or end with "King," gets a passing nod from a cameo-ing Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the time, many took it as a symbolic passing of the crown from one brawny action man to another brawny action man. That proved... premature.

Financially, The Rundown disappointed, and it did not, in fact, serve as Johnson's coronation as the new ultimate brawny action man. (That said, it is really good.) The early-aughts, it turned out, would be dominated by leaner, pastier action heroes like Jason Bourne.

It's in Skyscraper—the latest in a streak of big-budget high-concept Dwayne Johnson blockbusters—that he finally claims Arnold's mantle. Not in terms of body count or catch phrases, which are relics of another era. (Sorry, The Expendables.) What Skyscraper represents is an absurd action movie that simply couldn't justify its existence without Johnson's presence. He's an enormous charisma engine; drop him into a shiny plastic shell, and suddenly you've got a vehicle.

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Yellow Submarine Is the Best Beatles Movie

As we live a life of ease, every one of us has all we need
"As we live a life of ease, every one of us has all we need"

Milestones call for celebration—or in the case of Yellow Submarine, which has its 50th anniversary this month, a good ol’ fashioned restoration.

The animated musical fantasy—ostensibly made for children, but with surrealistic, psychedelic animations by George Dunning, appealing to adults of both the square and acid-eating varieties—was inspired by the 1966 Beatles song of the same name, and culls select other tracks from that seminal rock band’s catalog to soundtrack and illustrate its story: A group of musicians (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band) embarks on an underwater adventure through wildly surreal and tripped-out seascapes to save their Pepperland paradise from the music-hating Blue Meanies who’ve invaded and drained all the love, peace, and color from the place.

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The Trump Baby Blimp and the Decline of American Empire

The six-meter-high effigy of Donald, aka Trump Baby
The six-meter-high effigy of Donald, aka 'Trump Baby,' greeted Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images

In the second lecture of professor Patrick Allitt's Teaching Company course, The Rise and Fall of the British Empire, we get a sense of his Foucaultian fascination with excessive human-to-human violence (compare the opening of Michel Foucault's masterpiece Discipline and Punish with Allitt's description of the punishments meted on New World indentured servants who had big ideas about their rights). And he explains two important things, both of which relate to the Baby Trump balloon.

The first I will not mention here but in a post about a much later lecture that concerns the massification of the national feeling. Without this feeling, the conservatives, as a political party in the UK (and later in the US), would be out of business. The national feeling keeps the right alive. The first great expression of this feeling (called patriotism) occurred in Trafalgar Square right after the British Empire won a decisive battle in the Boer War (this incident was described to me by Jonathan Raban and is indirectly mentioned by Allitt). Trump—who visited the UK today, and therefore visited the future of the American Empire, whose decline he himself is accelerating because of a pee tape—certainly saw that the Trump Baby blimp landed on one of the lions in Trafalgar Square. There is so much to say about this image. It has so many echoes, like a dub track by King Tubby. Expect Trump Baby to make a big return in that later post.

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Learning To Trust Again After a Monogamish Relationship Blows Up


I need your help thinking through something. I've always loved the idea of a monogamish relationship. I get it: two people shouldn't be everything to each other, especially if one of them has a kink the other one isn't into. So, when I found out that my then-boyfriend had a thing for exchanging nude photos with women online, I gave him the green light.

Throughout our relationship and into our marriage, I had moments of insecurity. There were times when he was paying more attention to his phone than to me. Sometimes I had to remind myself that he wasn't doing anything wrong. Like every jealous wife, I was tempted to snoop, but I didn't, because monogamish.

We were married a little over a year when the cops showed up with a search warrant. My first thought was that the dumbass had started exchanging messages with a girl who hadn't turned 18 yet. I wish that had been the case. In actuality, my POS husband—now my ex-husband—was "involved with" (was sexually assaulting) a 14-year-old girl. The list of charges was long: importuning, sexual contact with a minor, distribution of child pornography, etc. Yep, he took pictures of her and used a web app to send them to her.

It's been two years since he was arrested, and I've done the hard work (and gotten the STI screenings) to mostly get over the betrayal and the loss. But here's a thing I get stumped on every time I think about getting into a new relationship: How do you negotiate a monogamish relationship when it blew up so spectacularly the last time? How do you learn to trust your instincts again after ignoring them in the spirit of being a GGG partner?

Sex Offender's Ex-Wife

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Local Celebrity Chef Sells Restaurants, Settles $1 Million Claim with Employees

Bar Noroeste
Bar Noroeste Angela Garbes

Local celebrity Chef Josh Henderson sold half his restaurant empire this week a day before he agreed to pay $1 million to hundreds of workers his company allegedly defrauded time and money from.

Henderson's company, Huxley Wallace, announced yesterday that they had sold nine restaurants to fellow celebrity chef Renee Erickson. The list includes Westward, a fancy seafood restaurant with its own dock on Lake Union, as well as seven locations of Great State Burger and the Saint Helens Cafe.

A day later, a King County Superior Court Judge approved a $1 million settlement for over 600 employees, according to the attorney who filed the case.

Henderson told me that his restaurant sale was not related to the $1 million settlement.

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Seven Beef Re-Opens as Central Smoke and More Seattle Food News You Can Use: July 13, 2018 Edition

The Central District’s Seven Beef, from the owners of Ba Bar and Monsoon, has re-opened as Central Smoke, a restaurant with a focus on smoked meats and smoke-infused cocktails with Asian flavors.
The Central District’s Seven Beef, from the owners of Ba Bar and Monsoon, has re-opened as Central Smoke, a restaurant with a focus on smoked meats and smoke-infused cocktails with Asian flavors. Central Smoke

It's a big week for food news in Seattle, as Angela Stowell becomes CEO of FareStart and Renee Erickson's restaurant group acquires three new brands from restaurateur Josh Henderson. Plus, learn about a new doughnut stand named after a Tom Waits song and where you can find Mexican baked goods, brioche doughnuts, and free plant-based frozen treats this weekend. For more delicious things to eat and drink, read our guide to celebrating Bastille Day in Seattle, check out our list of where to go for National French Fry Day, and visit our complete food and drink calendar.

Asadero Sinaloa
According to a press release, the Mexican steakhouse Asadero, which also has a location in Ballard, has opened a new location in Kent. The restaurant previously resided in a smaller location in Kent but has moved to a new space to accommodate more business. The new location retains the previous menu and also adds a few new dishes, including bone marrow gorditas and prime carnitas con chile. Chef/owner David Orozco will also open another location, Asadero St. Helena, in Tacoma's Stadium District later this year, with more details to come in the fall.

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The Top 10 Songs I Never Need to Hear Again

I love you, Sex Machine, but Ive chosen Licking Stick.
I love you, "Sex Machine," but I've chosen "Licking Stick."

There comes a time in almost every music-obsessive’s life when hearing a once-loved tune—no matter how great it may be perceived by millions of people—begins to pall instead of palpitate the heart and stimulate the mind. The older one gets, the more likely one is to accumulate a long list of such songs—music that has passed its sell-by date in the pantry of your brain.

As a middle-aged motherfucker who listens to music almost nonstop every day, I have some thoughts about this not-as-trivial-as-you-think matter. Below, I list 10 songs I don’t ever want or need to hear for the rest of my godforsaken life. (The irony of this post is, I have to listen to these songs one last time to make my points. This is sheer masochism, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for you, dear reader.)

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