Planning your SIFF has never been easier!
Planning your SIFF has never been easier.

The 41st Seattle International Film Festival, a monument to the dying ritual of seeing movies in public, kicks off Thursday, May 14 and runs through Sunday, June 7.

As is the annual custom around here, Stranger staffers are currently gorging on movies around the clock to provide you with the most extensive coverage in town. SIFF Notes, our annual guide to the festival, comes out in next week’s Stranger, but there’s no need to wait till then, gramps.

A comprehensive listing of SIFF schedules, trailers, official synopses, our reviews, and ticket info is available now in our online calendar, Things To Do. You can search by date, film title, theater, and Stranger recommendations. (Looking for a place to start? Here's a list of 11 SIFF films you must not miss.)

As for all the rest of it: There’s no better tool for planning the next three weeks of cinematic immersion than Things To Do. Here's how it works.

Once you're inside, click on the calendar icon to search by a specific date:


Or perhaps you'd prefer to go searching for a specific title? Enjoy our handy A-Z guide:


Perhaps you're daunted by the number of possibilities? Perhaps a more curated experience would best please you. Permit me to introduce my good friend, the Recommended Films search option:


Having chosen a category, or any other search field, you can get a thumbnail view of film facts:


Or you can hunker down on any given title to see the trailer, read the official synopsis and a Stranger critic's review, or buy tickets.

Hunker down on any given title to see the trailer, read the official synopsis and our review, or buy tickets. See you in line!

If you’re new to the festival, prepare to be overwhelmed by the abundance, but be warned: Screenings and special events do sell out.

See you in line!