TP'd! Denechia Powell

In case you missed it: Life is hard for Republican State Senator Pam Roach. Last month, the lieutenant governor removed her from a task force after complaints that she had verbally abused victims of sexual trafficking. On Tuesday, transgender activists TP'd (toilet paper'd) her office in Olympia.

Why toilet paper? "We wanted to follow the Republicans lead of focusing on bathrooms," said Debbie Carlsen, the director of LGBTQ Allyship. "It seems like that's a concern of theirs."

She's right. Ever since December, when the state Human Rights Commission explicitly protected the right of transgender people to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity, bathrooms have become a pressing concern of the Republican party in Washington state.

Roach, in particular, has sponsored both of the Senate bills (SB 6443 and SB 6548) seeking to overturn the transgender protections. But the Republican argument, which I won't bother rehashing here, is bullshit.

Both bills are likely to die in the Republican-controlled Senate, but they're still dangerous because they foster bigotry and hate and ignorant fear.

"We asking her to stop dumping on LGBTQ workers," Carlsen told The Stranger, as part of a ‪#‎NotYourBizWhereIWiz‬ campaign. "We asked her to prioritize funding education, affordable housing, and living wage jobs."

The activists didn't shoot their own video of the teepeeing escapade (please do that next time and send it to us), but you can get a sense of how their action went down from KING 5's report:

Carlsen said activists are planning a counter-rally to an anti-transgender demonstration planned for the morning of February 15 on the Capitol grounds.