Red May

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Various locations (map) Across Seattle
Through May 28

Recommended by Charles Mudede

Philip Wohlstetter, a local intellectual who has been a part of the Seattle art scene since the early 1980s, when he helped produce one of the first crowd-sourced anythings by means of a computer (a novel called Invisible City), has organized a world-class radical-left festival that will run in the month of May. This thing is big, ambitious, and timely—though Wohlstetter began putting it together long before anyone could believe that Trump would be our next president. The event is called Red May, it will include a bunch of brilliant and noted radical thinkers and artists (Michael Hardt, China Miéville, Joshua Clover, Nisi Shawl, Steven Shaviro, Kathi Weeks, Geoff Mann—to name a few), and it occurs at a number of popular venues (Northwest Film Forum, Saint John's Bar and Eatery). The festival begins on Friday with the opening of an art exhibition at INCA Institute featuring the work of Esther Planas Balduz, Felix Gmelin, Talena Lachelle Queen, Clark Wiegman, RabRab, and Kathleen Skeels. CHARLES MUDEDE

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Various locations

across Seattle, Seattle, WA

Event Times
  • Through May 28
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