Out of Sight


Vital 5 Productions (map) Pioneer Square
Fri-Sun at 10 am-8 pm. Through Aug 27

Recommended by Emily Pothast

Established in 2015 as an unofficial addendum to the Seattle Art Fair, Out of Sight is an annual survey of Northwest art that thrives, as the name implies, in the margins outside the commercial gallery system inscribed by the official fair. As a result, it's a place for artists to take risks and show edgier, more exploratory work. But it's also a great chance to catch emerging artists destined to be scooped up by galleries—(before Seth David Friedman was represented by Season Gallery, his intimate, biomorphic sculptures were featured at Out of Sight). Curated by Greg Lundgren, Ben Heywood, S. Surface, and Justen Siyuan Waterhouse, this year's Out of Sight promises to be a destination in its own right, full of promising young artists, seasoned veterans, and just about everyone in between. Here are a few things that are high on my list to check out.

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Vital 5 Productions

115 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104

Event Times
  • Fri-Sun at 10 am-8 pm. Through Aug 27
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