95 Slide (Capitol Hill)

722 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 328-7666

95 Slide is the sports bar where HG Lodge/the War Room used to be, serving all the sports-bar hits—nachos, sandwiches, burgers—made with organic, locally sourced meats and ingredients, so that's nice. Also: lots of sporting events on lots of TVs, with booths that can be rented for big games. If you get bored and want to stare at the walls, there's Derek Erdman's neat portraits of Seattle sports stars: Kasey Keller, Sue Bird, the Kingdome. The name comes from an incident in which Ken Griffey Jr. made a home run at the 11th hour to win some series in 1995 for the Mariners, but then the Mariners didn't, um, "go to the show" or whatever anyway, so "95 slide" is kind of a good-on-a-sliding-scale type of thing. M's fans gotta take what they can get.
Hours: 11 am-2 am daily
Categories: Bar, Restaurant

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Sat Jan 31.


You know those “You Know You’re a 90’s Baby If…” listicles that clogged up your Facebook feed for awhile? The DJs of GOODSaturdays spin mixes that’ll tickle similar nostalgic vibes for rap and hiphop fans of a certain age, unapologetically throwing in Blackstreet, Tupac and Aaliyah alongside current-day megahits. And, not to be one of those heads, but the newer stuff often pales in comparison to those lush, organic 90’s beats; just listen to the sampled funk of vintage Dre/Snoop and tell me the icy synthesizers of our DJ Mustard-dominated radio waves don’t sound lifeless by comparison. Is it any shock that the most enjoyable rap single of last year was Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”, which ripped one of the most recognizable riffs in all of rap for an updated, instant classic makeover? KYLE FLECK

95 Slide
722 E Pike St
Seattle (Capitol Hill)
11 am-2 am daily


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95 Slide
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