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Peter Steinbrueck's proposal to "disperse" strip clubs throughout the city (by limiting them to commercial land 800 feet or more from schools, parks, libraries, and day cares) is up for a vote, and likely approval, at next Monday's council meeting. Among the more curious changes in the proposal: the exclusion of certain parts of the Ballard/Interbay industrial area, an amendment Sally Clark inserted, an aide to Clark says, because she doesn't want strip clubs to encroach on industrial zones. Strip-club owners themselves oppose the proposal, which they say unfairly limits them to a tiny portion of the city. ERICA C. BARNETT


Risa Blythe, the founder and owner of Seattle-based Girlie Press, says Vessel, a trendy new liquor oasis next to the 5th Avenue Theatre in downtown Seattle, failed to pay her nearly $8,000 for services rendered last fall. As documented in invoices beginning October 12, Blythe's company produced business cards, drink coasters, envelopes, and invitations for Vessel's grand opening last October. But when she contacted Vessel's owners, Christian Crockett LLC, Blythe says, she "couldn't get a call back. I started calling, e-mailing, and I got absolutely nowhere." Blythe finally got a response, she says, when she threatened to send the bill to a collections agency: "They said they'd send $1,000 a month. I [told them I] needed to get paid. I'm not interested in any sort of payment [plan]." Blythe has since retained a lawyer to try to collect her money.

On May 23, Burien-based C & R Electric filed suit against Christian Crockett, claiming the company owes them $42,000. C & R would not comment on the suit, and Christian Crockett did not return The Stranger's calls. JONAH SPANGENTHAL-LEE


This year's city-council races will almost certainly prove to be the most expensive yet, with two candidates in one of the two contested races already logging more than $100,000 each. Those two are Tim Burgess ($113,620) and David Della ($127,270), the incumbent Burgess is challenging. In the race for Peter Steinbrueck's soon-to-be-open seat, the two leading contenders are both closing in on $100,000: Venus Velazquez has raised $77,275 and Bruce Harrell has raised $82,784. Three other candidates in that race, Al Runte, John Manning, and Joe Szwaja (who just announced his candidacy this week) have zero dollars in the bank. ERICA C. BARNETT


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