Welcome to Strangercrombie 2005, The Stranger's fourth annual holiday auction! Everything in this catalog is for sale, and all the money raised benefits Northwest Harvest, a worthy local nonprofit that feeds the hungry.

Strangercrombie 2005 has everything you could want—from record-store shopping sprees to rock-club VIP passes; from a baseball game with Sherman Alexie to a chat with public radio's Ira Glass; from chic leather couches to high-quality bondage gear; from fancy clothes to SIFF passes to cupcakes to pizza. Wanna sing karaoke with a U.S. senator? It's for sale! Wanna have lunch with Mayor Greg Nickels? It's for sale! Wanna put whatever you want on the cover of The Stranger? It's for sale!

How did Strangercrombie 2005 come to be filled with bling-tastic goods, glam-tastic services, and one-of-a-kind experiences? Because so many big-hearted folks donated their time, services, and merchandise. Now do your part! Help the hungry! Bid! Buy! Blingle Jells!

All you need is a computer and a credit card.

The Strangercrombie 2005 Holiday Auction is on now! Bidding is open until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 16. Items will be available for pick-up in The Stranger's offices starting Monday, December 19.

Our sister paper, The Portland Mercury, is having a holiday auction too! To check out what's on the block in Portland, go to www.portlandmercury.com. The Mercury's auction benefits homeless helpers JOIN.



Never Go Hungry Package

Why spend so much time in the kitchen? Included in this package are one free large mac-n-cheese dinner a month from West 5, a burger a week for a year from Red Mill Burgers, a burrito a week for a year from Bimbo's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen, a $15 gift certificate a month from Fado Irish Pub (plus you get to flip-the-bird in one of Fado's Stranger ads!), and 52—count 'em, 52!—coffees (plus a mug!) from Fuel! That's a lot of free piehole stuffing! $1, 200 value! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Eating All Over Town Package #1

Package #1 includes a $50 gift certificate for downtown's The Islander restaurant, $50 worth of pies and pints at—you guessed it—Pies & Pints on Roosevelt, a $50 gift certificate for the beloved eatery Crave on Capitol Hill, and a $300 rooftop picnic under the clock in the Pike Place Market! (Must be at least 21 and able to climb a ladder in order to claim the picnic prize.) $450 value! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Eating All Over Town Package #2

Package #2 will send you downtown for $50 dinner at Il Bistro, all the way to West Seattle for a $100 dinner at Mission, then up on to Capitol Hill for a pair of delights: a bowling party and dinner for four at the Garage (a $300 value), and a $50 dinner for two at the wondrous Machiavelli! $500 value! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Dinner with a Psychic!

Ever wonder what the future holds for you and your three closest friends? Now's your chance to find out, as you enjoy dinner and drinks for four—on any Monday evening—at the Broadway Grill, with your special guest, the "renowned psychic astrologer" Doug Johnston. Priceless! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Foodie Booty Package

Take a piece of some of Seattle's best restaurants home with you. Included: wine, marinades, and glasses courtesy of Brad's Swingside Cafe; assorted swag and a signed book from local restaurant king Tom Douglas (full details); a gift certificate for five dozen donuts and some T-shirts from Mighty-O Donuts; and a gift basket containing a fancy bottle of Sauza tequila (plus glasses!) from Sauza! $500 value! Opening bid: $1.99!

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Jones Soda Package

Immortalize yourself in a tasty fashion courtesy of this package from Seattle's very own soda-pop masters. The winning bidder will have their face, along with a message of their choice, turned into labels for a special case of Jones Soda! Be the only person on your block with your own pop! Priceless! Opening bid: $1.99!

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All Dressed Up Package

Shake off Seattle's legendary shabbiness and hit the town in style with admission and dinner for two at Jazz Alley, two tickets a month for a year and a $50 food gift certificate from the Triple Door, and two VIP tickets to the sure-to-be-sold-out New Year's Eve Heaven and Hell Ball at ConWorks! $900 value! Opening bid: $1.99!

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