Best of SeaTac

The Best of SeaTac

Snooty hipsters to the north and south may insist that SeaTac isn't really a city, just a glorified strip mall packed with casinos and prostitutes, and, well, strippers. We here at The SeaTac Stranger know better. Our annual Best of SeaTac issue, in addition to being a reliable moneymaker for The SeaTac Stranger, is a reliable civic-pride generator for SeaTac residents. Seattle may boast about something called the "Experience Music Project" and Tacoma may brag about its dumb ol' Dome, but the 500-plus Best of SeaTac ballots sent in by proud SeaTacians made it clear that we have a lot to brag about, too!

Did you know that SeaTac has more hotels than any other town in the state? It's true! Which one has the best swimming pool? Read on, SeaTacians! Where's the best view in town? We've got the answer--and it may surprise you! From our city's best hair salon, to the ever-popular Bull Pen, to Club Extasy, to our world-class airport, there's a lot that SeaTacians can take pride in. Sure, it gets a little noisy around here sometimes, and we get tired of our hubcaps disappearing, too. But if it weren't for that teeming center of tourist activity known as the airport, why, we wouldn't exist! And replacing your hubcaps once or twice a year is a small price to pay for living in such an exciting place! SeaTac truly is Las Vegas on the Sound!

SeaTac Research Team: Phil Campbell, Josh Feit, Erin Franzman, Eric Fredericksen, Allie Holly-Gottlieb, Jamie Hook, Pat Kearney, Rachel Kessler, Rick Levin, Min Liao, Melody Moss, Charles Mudede, Jason Pagano, Tamara Paris, Dan Savage, David Schmader, Jennifer Vogel, Traci Vogel, Kathleen Wilson.


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