I get lots of e-mails from guys seeking employment in the heterosexual sex industry, and I generally have to tell them that their odds are slim—most of the jobs are for women. However, I am seeing one sex-work career niche start to open up for men: tying up pretty girls for money.

Okay, maybe it's not a huge market. But rope-oriented bondage tops— often called riggers—have a sought-after skill. Just ask fetish/art photographer Lochai, who recently accepted a full-time job as director of the bondage-porn site Hogtied.com. Hogtied is part of Kink.com, Peter Acworth's empire of wildly successful BDSM sites. When opportunity knocked, Lochai ditched his vanilla job and moved himself and his wife from South Florida to Kink.com's home in the Bay Area. A big change, but Lochai's view was, "This can't be passed up!" His job will be essentially that of a male professional dominant—he will create and carry out intense BDSM scenes with models, on camera.

I spoke with Lochai via e-mail about his new gig.

What will be the most challenging thing about this?

Before, I was mainly behind my camera, and no one knew who I was until I introduced myself. Now I may be recognized.

What have people's reactions been like when you told them?

I got a lot of "fuck you, I'm so jealous!" But seriously, my friends and family have been 99 percent positive. Only one person said he was disappointed that I chose to do porn. I'm just glad I've been out to my parents for years—this is a blessing in their eyes, because I'll finally be getting paid for what I love to do. My rabbi even collects my photography.

What will you miss the most and the least about your previous career?

Besides being a photographer, I was also an investment Realtor. I worked my own hours and everything was by phone. I will miss the anonymity for sure! The least? Clients who lie about their credit and sellers who lie about their properties.

Tell me how you came to be offered the job.

I was one of the instructor/organizers at a bondage conference called Shibaricon. It was there, five years ago, that I met Peter from Kink.com. He called me to ask me to audition for a new site, and I made the top four, but for personal reasons I did not go back for the callback. Then about two months ago, I got a call asking, "How about taking over Hogtied?"

Good luck with the new job, Lochai.

And to other guys seeking employment in the heterosexual sex industry: Kink.com employs five full-time dominants and three part-timers. Acworth says that being a professional bondage top "is definitely a dream job, but it's not for everyone. It takes highly specialized skills and years of experience before one can do the kind of bondage showcased on our sites."

Practice those knots, guys. recommended

Lochai's blog is www.nawalochai.com.