"To provide an alternative for people who are sick/disillusioned with WCW-ish [World Can't Wait] organizations, an anarchist/anti-authoritarian contingent has been formed," an anonymous user posted on October 1 at, an independent news and message board site. "We will be meeting at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill at 1:00. From there we will march downtown on our own and do many fun things. Look for the black flags."

However, The "fun things" and planned disruption of World Can't Wait's much-fliered day of protest against the Bush administration on October 5 was squelched by the arrest of two anarchists. Tipped off to the possibility of a violent "infiltration" by a woman who saw the posting on the internet ("a common medium used by anarchists to communicate," according to the police report), police were on the lookout for the attempted uprising's black flags as the bongo-playing, homemade-float-toting WCW group arrived in Cal Anderson Park. According the police report, Officer Hyra saw a group of people off to the side of the larger group, one of whom held an anarchist flag on a metal pole. The officer approached the flag bearer, grabbed the flag, and explained it would be returned. But first the officer wanted to talk to the suspect alone. An angry yelling swarm of protesters surrounded the officer, who tried to get away on bicycle. According to the police report, a second suspect blocked the officer's path and kicked the bike, while other protesters grabbed the officer and someone tried to remove the officer's firearm. Immediately, police officers on bikes, in cars, and on foot showed up in abundance and plunged into the hostile crowd of Zapatista-style handkerchiefed kids. A mob quickly surrounded the police, shouting and shoving cameras in the officers' faces, demanding their names and the charges.

Back at the station, Suspect two was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest, while the flag bearer was charged with obstruction. Under questioning, one suspected admitted to being an anarchist. Another would "not respond" to questions about anarchy.