Green star Joule (Wallingford)

3506 Stone Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 632-1913

Joule relocated from its original location on 45th into a refurbished warehouse on Stone Way in late 2012; chef/owners Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi’s Korean-influenced cuisine is, possibly, better than ever. The highly stylish space adjoins Renee Erickson’s the Whale Wins and has great wallpaper, a communal table, and a neato fire pit in front. Check out their also-excellent Revel further into Fremont, too.
Hours: Sun-Thurs 5-10 pm, Fri-Sat 5-11 pm
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Green star Sunday Wine Dinners

Sun, April 27.

Ten diners at Joule's communal table get a family-style feast, plus wine and the company of the winemakers, including: Feb. 23, Scarborough Winery with Travis Scarborough; March 30, Gilbert Cellars with winemaker Justin Neufeld; April 27, Pomum Cellars and Idilico Wine with Javier Alfonso. Starred for oenophiles.
3506 Stone Way N
Seattle (Wallingford)
Sun-Thurs 5-10 pm, Fri-Sat 5-11 pm


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We had been looking forward to going to Joule for quite some time. So when we arrived we had great expectations.
Most of them were met. The only problem was the service or rather the lack of it. We were greeted and seated immediately and then ignored for an exceedingly long time. After that the service was spotty at best. The waitress appeared harried and when she finally came to take our dinner order we honestly felt that we were tearing her away from far more important duties. The bad news was we just did not want to extend our wait time by ordering dessert. The good new is that the Fainting Goat Gelato Shop is just a few doors down and we had a great treat there (as apparently did a number of other Joule patrons that we recognized from the restaurant).
Posted by Pugamigo on February 7, 2010 at 1:22 PM · Report this

Fantastic Sunday BBQ series for families

We just took our family to the Sunday BBQ at Joule. Salmon was the theme of the day and it was ridiculously good. So was the black currant snow cone-- damn. This place doesn't generally have the kid vibe since it's smallish plates that you don't want to eat in a rush-- but they are doing these summer Sunday BBQ series with emphasis on welcoming families. Our kids are 3 years and 9 months old and they were was awesome to us all. I even watched one of the chef/owners walk a bowl of water out to a dog leashed up while the diner ate. And the food was excellent (portions are fine but not huge so order sides if you're super hungry). Having a great dinner out with our lil' ones isn't something we take lightly. Go to the Sunday BBQ and they will feed and treat you RIGHT!!
Posted by Sara on June 29, 2008 at 8:52 PM · Report this


Joule is (finally)a place where quality doesn't suffer at the hands of awkward purgatorial creativity. No, here the flavors are complex and deliberate, reflecting ingenuity on the parts of Chefs Seif and Rachel. The joint itself perhaps doesn't match the esteem of the food, but there is something raw and empowering about eating high-class food at an everyday restaurant.
Posted by poskiJ on January 17, 2008 at 4:17 PM · Report this

F'ing Ridiculous

Don't ask questions. Just go eat here.
Posted by yummytummy on January 11, 2008 at 11:58 AM · Report this

Delectable port in a storm

Some time ago, I noticed this little store front was being refurbished. It has housed many restaurant initiatives over the years, some more successful than others. We've lived in the area for over 34 years, and have always been receptive to appealing restaurants. Joule is certainly that. We had a chilled seafood salad, kalamata gnocchi, prawns with butternut squash chips, and a bison hanger steak. Every dish was nicely done. The seafood salad had plump and tasty prawns, mussels,calamari strips,pickled grapes, and a tangy red chili dressing with mixed greens. The kalamata olives in the gnocchi were a welcome flavor. The prawns with butternut squash seemed to have a curry tang to them; the butternut squash chips were more like crisp curls as a garnish, which were so wonderful that I desired more. The bison hanger was amazing, and we were fortunate to hear from one of the chefs about the source of the meat. Having had bison before and expecting it to be dry and chewy, we were amazed at its tenderness. Evidently it comes this way, and needs no extra treatment. The wine list is interesting and reasonable, with a few surprises such as a sparkling sake. We were too full for dessert, but it looked tempting. It's wonderful to have another fine little place in Wallingford where we can get a good meal. This neighborhood has languished for far too long.
Posted by isabelita on December 19, 2007 at 8:44 PM · Report this

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