Apr 3, 2014 Marph commented on Debra Baxter's Five Perfect Pillows.
These are amazing, I love them. The part about her struggling between being unironic and having to have an extra idea struck a nerve with me. I am glad she didn't succumb to pressure to add an idea- aka a gimmick. Beautifully executed, personal and thoughtful work like this should not require a tagline or riddle. It just doesn't need that smarmy cleverness. I know how much a good story can add to a piece, but it can limit and label, too. I am glad she left it open.
Mar 20, 2014 Marph commented on Naked or Nude?.
Wow! That double exposure of the older woman- that's intense. With the dogs shadow, the halo around her, the shifting world, that is one of the best things I've seen.
Mar 17, 2014 Marph commented on Morning News: Cold War II, "All Right, Good Night," Earthquake in LA, and More (Drink Guinness!).
Totally silly: I clicked on that last story expecting to see some weightlifter dude hoisting an actual calf in the air. It took a second… clearly I need some coffee...
Jan 30, 2014 Marph commented on Mark Mitchell at the Grammys.
Wow- just peeked at his site and blog- there's some amazing stuff on there. Now I wish I could delete my first comment.
Jan 30, 2014 Marph commented on Mark Mitchell at the Grammys.
It has lovely simple lines- a very elegant cut- but unless the flash of the camera is destroying the color somehow that just isn't plum. That is straight up Barney purple.
Sep 17, 2013 Marph commented on The Lies of the Artists.
Thanks for this! I'm reminded of an experience with a dealer- I was approached by a gallery dealer and sent him 8 or so paintings. He told me they would exhibit my work at AAF in NY, which to me is a pretty big deal. I looked on the website- and there I was on the AAF website! Or, at least, a picture of one of my paintings was featured. But only my first name was given- so no one looking me up would ever find my website or anything about me. I emailed AAF and they told me all my work had been submitted via the gallery under my first name only. I should have confronted him, but in the end I didn't, as I couldn't really blame him. He was asking 2-3 times my usual prices (as far as I know), and my website still shows a mostly unexceptional list of cafes and emerging artist galleries- nothing really prestigious. They wound up selling a few and returning the rest, and to this day I have no idea if those buyers know my last name, or care. I've been meaning to remove my modest little list of shows from online; at my age it's starting to feel more detrimental than helpful- I'm starting to think the less said, the better.
I also appreciate what you wrote about artists and experimentation, and possible negative repercussions for them. These are all things I've pondered a lot and it's refreshing to see it written about in such a thoughtful way.
After reading this I find myself thinking about how you visited the young pedigreed artist on the way and couldn't get away fast enough, and how much you wanted to embrace the story of the horse-farm artist. When I think of myself and the thousands of other artists who fall somewhere in the middle... "I just don't have the energy to create a persona that's not just actually who I am." I relate to that statement completely. I both admire and despise the artists that do have the energy.
Mar 19, 2013 Marph commented on Gun-Crazy Alaska: Man in Wheelchair Shoots Store Assistant.
I do think there are some owners fitting this description; whose refusal to use a leash is parading their mastery of their animal.

But I think there are probably MORE who are very much in love with their dog, and feel great respect for its canine self discipline. The feeling is mutual. They don't want to leash their well behaved dog anymore than parents want to leash their kids. *If* the dog is truly as well behaved as the owner thinks it is, then why not allow them to continue their little blissful path.
Mar 12, 2013 Marph commented on Currently Hanging: Adam Ekberg Wants to Make Persons Smile.
I love the second two! Especially milk bleed. They are just right.
Feb 28, 2013 Marph commented on The Rats of Tehran.
There's a simple solution to this: mutate the cats!
Jan 24, 2013 Marph commented on Should We List Prices With Art Reviews?.
@sarah70- I think most artists would prefer that weren't the case.

I have wondered about prices in previous posts and would love to view the art with that element added. It's good to know what artists and galleries are asking. Sometimes it's baffling. I do feel that pricing art is a game. A game I have pondered a lot and still remain unsure of. If I had to guess- there are probably as many levels to it as there are artists. It's always of interest, though.

Sometimes it's a pleasant surprise, when you realize there is art that you admire that is affordable. I do wonder how much impact a slog post about some affordable art might have. Would they sell a couple? A dozen? More? Get picked up by a gallery? Double their prices?