Sep 4 Holmes commented on Savage Love.
One of the problems of legalization that hasn't been addressed: Current purveyors of the legal businesses 'on the edge' of sex work (adult cabarets, massage parlors, etc.) benefit from its current illegal status and the laws structured to eliminate the trade as a means of controlling their employees.

Back when I was a more active customer of lap dances, I had a discussion with a few of the dancers about the licensing laws surrounding their profession. The laws (at that time, and maybe still today) placed the performers under the exclusive control of their employer. In fact, one woman suspected that Seattle's laws were probably written under the direction of Colacurcio himself, to keep them under his thumb.

In Amsterdam, where sex work is legal, some years ago there was a push to close down the little window shops and move the trade to bigger houses, under the control of central management. Some scholars had actually written what appeared to be well reasoned articles supporting this position. On the other hand, all of the sole proprietor shop window workers I talked to said that they were out of their minds. This turned out to be prescient when it was found that many of the houses were run by organized crime, including the Hell's Angels.

The status quo is supported at least as much by criminal organizations as it is by the SJWs that seek to stamp out human trafficking and are probably just naive about where their behind the scenes political support actually comes from.
Aug 30 Holmes commented on The Inside Story of a Pot Shop Heist in Greenwood.
Security guard invited to a party with hot women, skips work.

If I was that guard, I would be suspicious. Getting invited to party with hot women: Something is seriously amiss.
Aug 13 Holmes commented on ST3 Supporters to Reuven Carlyle: We Can Fund Education and Transit.
@14 "Hey, why do you need I-90 and the viaduct and SR-167?"

Because Seattle made up it's mind that it was going to be the Center Of The Universe for employment, shopping and whatnot. If you live in Seattle, work there. If you work for Microsoft, find a house/apartment on the Eastside. Encourage more businesses to locate in Tacoma, Puyallup, Kent and other places where their employees can live.

Seattle is full. Stop piling up more crap there.
Aug 13 Holmes commented on Savage Love.
Well don, alternate Dan. I was afraid that this was going to be a column about ball handling but was pleasantly surprised.

Of course, the alternative might have been interesting as well ....
Jul 27 Holmes commented on Savage Love.
GNAT Ideally, snu-snu.

At the very least, I'd like to die in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.
Jul 4 Holmes commented on Savage Love.
LW1: Just practice a deep voice and when guys hit on you, ask them if they like surprises.
Apr 21 Holmes commented on Savage Love.
@101: I didn't read the "share attraction to another" into ALEMHM's letter. I read it as her sharing her kink with her husband in the context of maybe him hurling and her getting off. And it wasn't discussed further. Her husband hasn't been told about the possibility of a third party yet.

My opinion: ALEMHM should bring this up (Um, not THAT way). It's possible that he might be OK with another guy puking in front of her. It's also possible that, this being a kink, he might not want to share his wife with another in that context. Perhaps if he sees ALEMHM's interest in this, he might be able to meet her halfway with a cheek-full of pea soup (sorry for that image).
Apr 10 Holmes commented on Documents Show How Much Engineers Are Worried About Sinkholes—Right Before Bertha Drills Under the Viaduct.
Are these new sinkholes? Or have they been growing underground since the Nisqually quake? And Bertha is just running into hollow cavities.

Apr 10 Holmes commented on Judge Who Authorized Police Search of Seattle Privacy Activists Wasn't Told They Operate Tor Network.
It will be interesting to see if the DoJ takes interest in this little bit of civil rights violation within the context of the SPD consent decree.
Mar 9 Holmes commented on Savage Love.
THINK might be worried that, even with all the safe words and preliminary communications in place, the feeling of a rape (even a play acted one) could trigger emotions in his wife. Emotions that he does not wish to be the object of. If his wife wakes up the next morning, looks at him and thinks, "The rapist!" That could damage the relationship, possibly permanently.

Best advice: Go slow. Really slow. Practice the safe word and work your way up from plain old rough sex to the eventual rape enactment. Over weeks or months, if necessary. And if the wife gets a little flashback of the actual rape, you can stop. Sometimes these flashbacks can take some time to surface. So it's best not to jump in and act out the final scene right off the bat. Besides, a lot of the 'working your way up to ...' can be fun as well.