May 9, 2016 Xtoph commented on Appetite for Destruction.
As a matter of record, it is factually incorrect to say that 'police responded with pepper spray etc.'. Police sprayed down the crowd within minutes of the start of the march, before anyone had thrown anything or hit anyone or any of the other provocations you list happening. Shortly after that, they hosed down the closest people to them, standing 10 feet away from a line they were shouting to keep five feet away from. And later on, after they claimed to have issued a dispersal order (which they make no effort to actually communicate), they refused to let anyone in the area leave, insisting that they had to stay inside the police-line box or be arrested.

As usual, many protesters broke the law at various points, some were violent, and the eventual outcome seems drearily predictable, as you say--but none of that excuses misconduct on the part of the police, or their deliberate tactics to create catch-22 justifications for dispensing extra-judicial punishment on the spot (pepper spray, tear gas, blast balls, etc are being used to punish people for their presence more than to coerce compliance).

Shame on you, Eli, for not calling them out for it, and providing cover for police misbehavior through buying in to the bogus story that authorities only resorted to force in response to violence. You can reasonably be tired of the 'who did what first' game, but that's still a fundamental part of reporting. You cannot misrepresent the facts and then act as though people who still pay attention to the timeline of events are perpetuating the problem.
Apr 25, 2016 Xtoph commented on Cruz and Kasich Team Up to Defeat Republican Voters (by Losing on Purpose).
You are incorrect--trump does not have a majority, much less an overwhelming one. He has less than 50% of both votes and delegates.

This is basic stuff for a political report.

Reality is bad enough--no need to make shit up.
Apr 15, 2016 Xtoph commented on What Is Hillary Clinton Hiding? Why Won't She Release Transcripts of Her Wall Street Speeches?.
Being polite and diplomatically crouching your outreach to major constituents doesn't make you somehow a sellout. Clinton has detailed policy statements which are fairly consistent with her history, despite plenty of pragmatic compromise actions and statements. Her actual proposals are generally more detailed and attainable, and at least as aggressive, as sanders' are regarding financial institutions. Her plan for free tuition could actually work without destroying the universities. She's worked her whole life for justice. She has real executive experience. The only objection people are raising is that they don't believe her. It is about as sensible as accusing Obama of being a Muslim, and just as impossible to refute. All sanders has achieved in his nasty turn is to absolutely rule out a vice presidential collaboration. So he can go on feeling righteous and put-upon, and continue to avoid having to reach practical solutions.
Apr 8, 2016 Xtoph commented on I Missed the Irony in Calvin Trillin's Poem In The New Yorker but, Ironically, It's Still a Bad Poem.
Rich: ignorance isn't really an excuse. You missed more than just a bit of irony. You can choose either to prolong the embarrassment, or learn from your mistakes.
Mar 29, 2016 Xtoph commented on Why Is Hillary Clinton Entitled to Any Washington Superdelegates At All?.
Autocorrect somehow turned 'parties do' into 'part judo', which has got to be a first.
Mar 29, 2016 Xtoph commented on Why Is Hillary Clinton Entitled to Any Washington Superdelegates At All?.
@30- well, yeah, there's an obviously legitimate case. You don't have to agree with it, but you don't get to decide for everyone, either.
The government of the us has a responsibility to be democratic and representative; the part judo not. They are not supposed to be 'neutral', they are supposed to be politically invested. If you don't think they represent you, then you can start your own party.
Look, personally I hope that the dem party is responsive to its base, and I think they are and will be so. But I am also a little tired of Bernie's bros' entitled attitudes about the party they didn't build.
Mar 29, 2016 Xtoph commented on Why Is Hillary Clinton Entitled to Any Washington Superdelegates At All?.
Aside from other problems, there's the fundamental fact that this is not a process intended to extract the will of the majority of people--it's only aimed at the democrats. As such, there's legitimate concern for what is best for the party--and a legitimate case can be made that people who have invested and contributed most to that party, may have insight into how best to advance its aims.
Feb 10, 2016 Xtoph commented on Guest Editorial: Young Women Don't Owe Clinton.
Granted that young and other women need to make up their own minds. And also granted that they do not owe their elders anything, at least in the generalized sense that none of us asked to be born, so we do not owe our parents anything. I wonder in what sense millenial women's votes are "hard earned", but that is a pretty minor detail (or is it? Because if the hard labor was not on their part, might that not have incurred a debt?).
I wonder if you would apply the same "don't owe them anything" logic to reparations? If not, would that be because of the ongoing, structural inequalities which are a contemporary legacy of slavery? And if so, what do you call the ongoing situation of women making three quarters to every dollar men make for the same work?
Your essay also presumes a difference between the candidates' policies which I do not see born out by the evidence: that Clinton's are less liberal, that Sanders' are somehow more substantial.
And we can only conclude that supporters of the latter are not naive if it turns out that Sanders is electable in the general--which most models say he is not.
Look, I like a lot of things about Sanders, and I think your essay expressed well what many people very reasonably feel. But I also think it is bizarre to act as though Clinton should be disqualified by competence. And I would hope that, like Sanders said in his N. H. victory speech last night, we can bear in mind that you can choose either one of these candidates in the primary, while committing to support both of them, come what may.
As for comments about C's supposed "entitlement", that's idiotic. She's running on her accomplishments.
Jan 27, 2016 Xtoph commented on Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill Hearing Underway in Olympia.
Real men don't have to invent fantasy stories about being decorated combat vets...